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  • Raspberry Pi looks fantastic here is my home brew controller using Arduino and Xbee also have you seen pyXY which is 100mW and pin compatible with Xbee. I tried to use TCP over wifi link and found the latency an issue you can hear the servos are so noisy in the video.  The Arduino and Xbe seems quite good pushing 20mS frames 38,400 baud. What baud di you find was best on the Xbee?

  • I've given up with XBee and Arduino now because they don't suit my needs (not enough datarate or processing power).  I'm now using the RN-XV WiFi adapter (same form factor and connections as a XBee), which is getting me better range and less corrupt packets (using TCP) and looking to replace the Arduino with a Raspberry Pi.

    I'm still controlling using a normal tx/rx, and then using the WiFi for updating gains and missions.  Datalogging is done by default on the onboard 16MB of memory.

    This will all change once I get my raspberryPi working though!

  • Are you controlling the plane via the Xbee? and if so did you build the Tx

    Which Xbee is it?

    Is the Xbee for telemetery only?

  • Rob?
    Yes was a lot of weight. Flew OK but at about 80% throttle for cruise. Obviously you won't be doing aeros too successfully but it was alright for docile manoeuvres!
  • Moderator

    Has Rob seen this? That's a lot of weight for the Raven!

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