Ready to fly!

Ready to fly!

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  • Wow. This is no mean feat! Great job and nice attention to detail. But its a great deviation from the original proposed cad picture posted earlier. I bet the realities of the build challenges forced the tanning down. Retractable wheels...? Build the plea e first! ...and see it fly.
  • Are you selling any parts?
  • Thanks - it flies like a trainer!


  • Yeah, I'd love to see more too.
  • I love the look of this plane, no matter how many times it comes up in the main page slideshow, it always manages to grab my attention. The quality just looks amazing. If it flies half as good as it looks, it must be one amazing air frame. Keep up the great designs and amazing work.
  • excellent workmanship -- can you post the designs


  • Wow you made that from scratch.  Very cool. I'd buy one.
  • I designed the 3D model, then CNC the plugs then make the moulds. All parts are carbon fibre.
  • Very nice! How did you build it i.e the exterior frame and the parts used?
  • Thanks dude! Yeah man I don't like to tinker when I go to the field...I want my stuff strong and tested.
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