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  • Ok, sorry. I know this is two years out of date, but......

    We're technically still at war with North Korea, and who do you think supplied Korea and flew their aircraft with and for them? China. Now, I'm not China bashing, my house is filled with stuff from China. But saying "when's the last time they attacked us", well... it's a lot more recent than you might think. Ask Tibet, Taiwan, India and South Korea how they feel.....

  • Whoa, DIY is anything that ships without the batteries installed. ; ) (or Germany in the case of Easystar )
    I mean really, isn't DIY all about buying commercial stuff from China, and plugging it together?
    So before "we" criticise a new thing based solely on its nation of origin, remind me the last time China attacked the US, or any other Western nation.
    China should not in my opinion be criticised for spending its time making things people want rather than making war on every continent maybe.
  • Due to most of xaircraft X650 documents are chinese that hard to get the details of it, for convenience I will translate(poor translation) all article on their website and post it in www.xaircraft.org, also this forum.
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    yes, here
  • Rad Rotary????
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    I think that this is more of an infommercial for a commerical enterprize in China. If you want to buy from a an amature source here in the USA, try Rad Rotary.

    Just a thought.

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    doesn't make sense :(, you still need the boom with this frame ?!!


    Only landing gear skids are CF , every thing else is GF
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    never mind, found it here
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