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  • Is the utility bar missing?  I had the same problem, and fixed it by clearing my browser cache.  Some bad javascript keeps getting downloaded for some reason.

  • Ellison, I attached that file in the main 3D discussion group area.  It wont let me post in the blender parts discussion.

  • @Jesse the first part on the scale was actually printed with 10% fill, so it's mostly hollow.  Laser cutting won't be able to do that.

  • If I had access to a Stratasys, I'd be printing something less boring than that. :-)

  • Here is a complete air frame in an article on wired.

    3689483618?profile=originallink here

  • If you're just making solid parts, laser cutting would be a far better method. Much, much faster and cheaper. You can actually compare the cost difference through a site like Ponoko.

  • Here's a little wing I made:


  • That looks great, Ellison.  My imagination is going much faster than my CAD learning process.

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