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  • Chris Anderson for President!
  • 3D Robotics

    I am working on separate pages for code, processors etc as well as for individual UAV projects.

    As for the Predator, yes, we deleted the pitot tube because it was a bit ambiguous in silhouette. Political correctness claims another good man ;-)

    I felt it was a reasonable compromise, and hopefully the issue will now go away and we can all focus on amateur UAVs and other cool geekery without fear that politics will rear its ugly head.
  • The mystery device under the bellow was a static discharge pitot tube. Now the thing won't fly. 0]
  • Moderator
    I see the background image of the Predator has now become more politically correct with the editting-out of the mystery device under the belly.
    Only things left underslung are the gimbal and the APU.
  • Chris, can we have a seperate area to store code files grouped by processor type, propeller vs stamp, etc
  • 3D Robotics

    That's a great idea. Let me figure out how to implement "project pages" and make them available to all. Should be doable.
  • The morning that I saw the new look for the site I was unsure if I was at the right one! Looks great! The only addition that I would like to see has somewhat already been started....I was thinking we should have a page or section devoted to photos and descriptions of members projects, be it airframes/autopilots/AV equipment etc....maybe also have a "DIY DRONES member UAV project of the day/week/month" or whatnot. anyways...gotta leave room for others!!
  • Sorry to offend James, I don't have a political agenda nor want to sound like i I do. I hoped my suggestion promote the UAV as friendly and show how unnecessary more regulation are for us.

    I'm moving on - and I still think it IS a cool layout!
  • I vote we stop conversation on this topic and go back to discussing the premise for this web site. UAV construction and the technology behind the autonomous control of an aerial vehicle. This conversation get us no where and I get enough political talk on the television.
  • I agree with chris on this one. The last few posts I've read where MacBoffin has posted anything have seemed very antagonistic towards the poster, and also reveals a distaste and stereotyping of UAV's as being used only for violent purposes.

    The Predator drone is currently one of the more popular drones in the military and scientific community because it has been proven road worthy, and is very modular. This is not an issue to me.

    An alternative would be to have a monthly/quarterly/semi/annual "Best UAV" contest, and the winnder could be high contrasted, profiles, and posted as the scheme of the site. That owuld be awesome in my book, but I do feel that this is a non-issue.
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