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AMA response blasts FAA

3689602326?profile=originalWow. The AMA response to the new FAA rules is scorching: 

States AMA President Bob Brown, “The FAA interpretive rule effectively negates Congress’ intentions, and is contrary to the law. Section 336(a) of the Public Law states that, ‘the Federal
Aviation Administration may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model  aircraft…’, this interpretive rule specifically addresses model aircraft, effectively establishes rules that model aircraft were not previously subject to and is in direct violation of the congressional mandate in the 2012 FAA reauthorization bill.” The interpretive rule reflects the FAA’s disregard for and its unfamiliarity with the makeup of the modeling community. Nearly 20% of the AMA membership is 19 years old or younger and an even greater percentage is retirees over the age of 65. FAA’s intention to impose a strict regulatory approach to the operation of model aircraft in the hands of our youth and elderly members threatens to destroy a wholesome and enriching activity enjoyed by a vast cross-section of our society.

“AMA cannot support this rule.” said AMA Executive Director Dave Mathewson. “It is at best  ill-conceived and at worst intentionally punitive and retaliatory. The Academy strongly requests the FAA reconsider this action. The AMA will pursue all available recourse to dissuade enactment of this rule.”

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  • Make your comments to the FAA about the Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft here: http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FAA-2014-0396-0001

  • Just joined 10 minutes ago,

  • Count me as one of those who had written off the AMA as a bunch of old fogeys flying balsa planes in circles. Im encouraged to see them taking a stance on FPV.

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    @ Theo I did'nt say don't join the AMA I mean just watch where the real heat is coming from. Yes the AMA can defend FPV but I don't think it can defend or have an opinion on autonomous flight. That's what we are about here BTW. The AMA have a decent training scheme that might help folks in the future with official RPAS qualifications but so far in the rest of the world qualifications from entities outside of normal modelling activities are the ones accepted.

    I am delighted by your manner keep it up.

  • I have been an AMA member for the last 15 years. I normally criticize them for being 5 years behind the hobby (slow acceptance of electric aircraft, slow acceptance of FPV). However, I am happy they are taking action on this issue.

  • Regardless of whether or not the AMA actually has any lobbying power, it is very reassuring to know that we, as modelers, are not alone. I spoke to a representative from AUVSI, and from what I have heard, they are in agreeance with the AMA's statement as to the nature of this assault on hobbyists. I just returned from the AUVSI SUAS competition, and had these rules been published 2 days earlier, we would not have been able to compete. The FAA's list of rules is a startling and infuriating set of direct retaliations to recent events, such as their loss in the Trappy case, that makes me grow ever wary of what the future holds. I can assure you that the FAA will be hearing from me, and every resource I have at my disposal, about the absurdity and questionable legality of such regulations, as well as the provocative and hostile environment they are intentionally molding into this situation. At lease we'll have someone on our side :)

  • I hope the AMA administrative folks are prepared for a big spike in membership applications :).  I joined Monday.

  • I had not felt that the AMA was a good fit for me as a social club, but after reading this, I do agree that the AMA is our best shot at political protection. 

    Joined today for my first time ever. 

  • I'm still not a fan of the law requiring all hobbyists to join the AMA in order to fly my own personal hobby aircraft on my own personal property on my own personal time.  However, I'm beginning to think that is the lesser of two evils at this point.

  • So the FAA has an illegal rule - LOL that's funny. Congress should have the FAA arrested!





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