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  • I don't get the point right now. Of course the magnetometer has to be placed correctly. Even DJI writes in their manual, that you can slightly turn the turret a few degrees right or left to compensate for circeling. With arducopter you can simply increase or decrease the mag declination, that has the same effect like turning the mag/gps turret. An external HMC 5883 is something like 5$ on ebay. So no problem there. BTW I would go with the onboard MAG and just put the FC higher and some thin aluplate under it as shielding. I am not shure but maybe the new inertia logic is more sensitive, perhaps the "old" logic in 2.8.1 is more robust and will be sufficient for many needs?


    Kraut Rob

  • MR60

    If i may provide my 2 cents of positive criticism, Thus offer is a regression on many points just to improve marginally a compass interference that can be controlled otherwise:


    -First an external compass is an extra contraption in the whole physical/wiring setup

    -Second by placing an external compass, with the objective of having a better orientation/navigation is contradictory. Indeed if you do not align perfectly your compass with the rest of the craft, you will not have a good bearing. Even a degree or half a degree off will provide worse navogation than with the integrated board compass

    -Thirdly you now link compass and GPS in a single module, which can be problematic for totally free GPS placement (usually much further placed than the rest of the electronics)


    And last but not least this makes us spend even more money for a not so big improvement. Is it really worth it ?


    Just a thought,


  • Perhaps 3dr should think about selling something like this as well:

  • Ted, the instructions are here:

    Magnus,your earlier suggestion for assigning an address by using attiny is an interesting one according to the engineers, I'm not sure if it's something that can be implemented at this juncture though.

  • @Weerts : . That cut (step 2) is needed to use the compass on the new gps+combo board w. apm2.5. The GPS should to my understanding work without modifications.

    @Francis : I don't see it beeing possible to disable the onboard compass in SW based on the assumption that the gps+compass board and the onboard compass are the same (ie have same i2c address).

  • i thought that feature was already available? cant i uncheck the 'enable compass' radio button in mission planner?

  • @Weerts

    If I were you, I'll wait for the developers to come up a way to disable the internal compass...


  • can someone be explicitly clear on what trace needs to be cut in order to use the new GPS w/compass on the "old" 2.5 board?

  • Elvin,

    You should have received a notice that your order can be processed now if you wish to receive the protective case later when they are available. 

  • You can buy it from 3drobotics store. Unfortunately the apm 2.6 is not anymore seen there. I have placed an order last week and shipping is still on hold because they are still waiting for the protective case for gps

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