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  • Distributor

    Will distributors get a head's up on the release date and some information on the other new products?

  • 3D Robotics

    Should be out by Monday at the latest, along with a lot of other new products. Just getting all the ducks in a row for a smooth launch. 

  • When will it be on the site to purchase?
  • How long will it take before distributors like get the APM 2.6 in stock when it is released? Since I am in Canada, I would prefer to order form canada to avoid customs, but it depends of how longer I have to wait :)

  • So... is there still any hope for a release this week?

  • Moderator

    Keshan, this is actually a blog about APM2.6. Best to start a new discussion or ask in the ArduPlane v2.7x thread.

  • Guys I need your help, APM 2.5 is new for me it´s my first time.  When I connect my usb cable to my bixler on the field, the red plane on the mission planner is opposite (almost everytime) to the true north.

    What I did to solve the problem:

    1- Check on “enable” magnetometer in MP/Configuration/hardware

    2- Correct the declination and confirm in MP/configuration/adv parameter

    That solution didn’t work completely, what I mean with that is that it corrects the orientation a little bit.

    I don´t have an external magnetometer.

    The question is:

    What I have to do so that when I power up my APM 2.5 in the field and my bixler is pointing to N,E,W or S, in the mission planner that little red plane point to the same direction? 

  • Chris...

    I  am still unable to load the drivers and create a com port from MP. I reloaded my operating system on my computer and can see the drivers on the program list but they still do not load.  Bill sent me a link to MP but no change. 

    The 3DR Raido will connect to a com port and load to the remote radio.  I am unable to connect to the to MP with the 3DR Radio. 

    I received a RA number last Friday but have not recived a pickup tag.  I will be returning Two complete APM's 2.6.... APM, GPS Power Unit and 3DR Raido.

    I plan to purchase a new lap top to decate to MP.  Maybe that will help.

  • Joshua,

    No problem.  I love your products and rather wait for you to have it ready.  I have 3 2.5 boards working fine, I'm just excited about the configuration and Arducopter 3.0.

  • Greg,
    The mag is upside down on the new GPS relative to the onboard location. That is what needs to be defined in the setup.

    Thank you for your patience, we should be able to make an announcement soon, just making sure that everything is in place before promising anything! Sorry for any frustration :-)
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