APM Planner 2.0.18 Released



The latest release of APM Planner 2.0.18 is out, which has a number of bug fixes and features added.

  • Google Maps API Update
  • Qt 5.4.2 used for OSX version (fixes some UI issues)
  • Camera Config supports up to 16 Channels
  • Serial Port scanning reduced
  • Fixed entering zero in parameters (all numbers must be of ‘C’ format X.X eg 1234.56 etc..)
  • Graph View Log fixes
  • New Map Caching Feature
  • More improvements to Joystick Support
  • Support for Copter 3.3 Tuning changes
  • UDP Client connection support (ie send data to a UDP port vs listen for data on a port)
  • Improvements to Link Connection Display for TCP/UDP links
  • Accel Calibration Support for new Plane releases.
  • Elevation Widget fixes.
  • Aero Gumstix FW update support
  • Fix RC verification for TXs with only 6 Channels
Next Release Candidate
  • AHRS Trim support for large aircraft.
  • Video Overlay on Primary Flight Display
  • More fixes ;-)


Also a 'Donate' button as been added to help support the project going forward. Thanks in advance for your support.

Download here ;

Support here


Bill Bonney & APM Planner 2.0 Contributors

Contributors to 2.0.18 release are (in no particular order)

martinjuju, Peter Barker, mirkix, Lucas De Marchi, Andrew Smith, Mark Sutherland, Andre Kjellstrup, Markus Reitboeck, Александр Фролов, mrpilot, Michał Wróbel, nbrachet, labtoast, Michael Carpenter & Chris Anderson 

I'd like to say thank to everybody that has made a contribution to project. Good work!

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  • Is there any way to show signal strength similarly to how it is displayed on mission planner?
  • Developer
    A small issue with flashing APM2.x FW on OS X has crept in, this build fixes that until I get a formal release out
  • I have a suggestion for future versions of MP. Perhaps its already been discussed somewhere but I haven't seen it.

    How about a 'live share' option so that if you are connected to internet during a flight you have the option to make your live flight visible to others.

    If nothing else it would be interesting to see where other operators are in your area but if the system matured it could be used for ATC to see the location of drones. Would be better than having to fir a separate transponder which may eventually be required.

  • How can we use moving base function? 

  • @Nathaniel:in my experiece (apart from being crossplatform) AP2 uses less CPU Power compared to MP. This is a plus if you are out in the field and running on battery.

  • Developer

    If the mac fanatic in me was let out for this project I would have made MAV Pilot run on OSX using cocoa ui framework.

    My suggestion is to try it out, it you are big on mapping, it's not maybe the product you needyet, but if you need to configure your APM, it should work really well. 

    PS: My plumage is in excellent alignment, not a ruffle is sight ;-)

  • Moderator


    I hope I wasn't coming across somehow as anti APM Planner, because I'm not. I was really interested in why I might choose it as an alternative over Mission Planner. As far as the Microsoft OS vs OSX etc., point taken. It was more of a tongue in cheek comment anyway as indicated by the ;) wink. My brother in law is a "Mac fanatic" as I like to call him. He's constantly spouting some reason why Mac is better than the Microsoft Box for one reason or another, it's kind-of a game.

    Anyway, no disrespect intended, I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers! Are there any features that might draw a PC user to APM Planner, or is it primarily meant to fill a need among Mac OSX and Linux users?

    Best Regards,

    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • Developer

    "I'm all for choices, but I too have been confused as to what APM planner brings to the table."

    @Nathaniel: It brings something to the table for users of Mac OSX and Linux, if it's not for you that is fine. It looks like Mission Planner since that was how the UI was expected to look like (it's not that better control paradigms cannot be realized, it's jus familiar)

    Quite interestingly AP2  windows version is built for using mingw on linux, no windows involved at all.

    What Fnoop Dog is getting at is that all the engineers and academics are using Linux flavours (OSX is Free BSD unix under the hood) A lot of the research tools and TOS are pretty much only unix (windows is experimental platform ROS) The consumer space is being lost out to Android and iOS device (unix based) so the platform wars are being lost by Microsoft and we are moving to a world that has multiple platforms not just windows everywhere. 

    AP2 is not a stick it to man software system, just a solution for those that live in post microsoft-era already. (Actually AP2 can run on Windows/Linux/OSX and with some extra work iOS and Android (though those need UI improvement for sure) see

  • Moderator

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the clarification! Mission Planner does handle multiple UAV's though.....Randy had a video back in May demonstrating that capability with Mission Planner and a PC laptop.


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • 3D Robotics


    APM Planner brings two main things to the table: OSX (and Linux) and native multi-UAV architecture. If you're not using OSX or Linux and aren't controlling multiple UAVs, then Mission Planner is the best choice. I happen to use both OSX and do multi-UAV control, so I use APM Planner more on the desktop. (I actually use the mobile apps most, especially Tower, but for when it comes to more complex mission planning and firmware updates, desktop still has advantages)

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