The ModeSwitch saga continues, I am happy to announce our new OLED ModeSwitch project for all. 

Several days we published LED based Flight ModeSwitch project here and I promised to show this OLED project too so here goes. 

This is more advanced compared to our upcoming LED ModeSwitch. Both of the projects we would like to have comments from our community here so please start posting those hard questions and we try to answer the call.

Basic details of the OLED ModeSwitch:

- Size: 45 x 90mm

- Display: OLED 0.96" 

- 6 Buttons for all 6 different flight modes

- +5V, and 6 - 18V input, polarity protected

- 3.5mm Jack for PPM Output (to your RC Radio trainer port)

- 3.5mm Jack for PPM Input (from for example your head-tracker)

Main software features:

- Internal menu system to configure various functions

- Supports 18 different flight mode texts, more will be added when needed

- PPM output has full 8 channels

- PPM input reads 1-8 channels

- PPM input -> output channel rewrites

- Output Mode channel can be what ever from ch1 to ch8


- after casing issues are solved we will look some mounting brackets for it. 

- cabling, we are looking to have 3.5mm plug cables with futaba, hitec etc adapters (similar to those RC Simulator cables)

- looking several types of buttons and keyboards


Jani / jDrones

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  • hey

    Nice work done by you. Looking for similar project. Do you have the code to be written on andruino pro mini for this project? also need a proper circuit diagram. It will be very helpful if you will provide this to me


  • So... it's been 4 months since any new activity in this thread... do we maybe have a rough ETA on product yet? Even a "Don't you dare hold me to this, but..." kindof guess?

    I've been looking at Stefan's work... and Roman's work. While they are pretty awesome, I really have too much on my plate already and would REALLY love a Plug & Play solution. I mean, seeing as we don't have a port in the OpenTX or ER9X firmware yet, which would be my primary interest.

    I'm REALLY keen on this... please, let us know WHEN.

  • Developer

    Nicholas, we can look if there is an easy way to make addon board that holds thumbstick. But in generally that is not a big problem. To have it on this board directly would be a bit overkill as this board is just meant for mode switching. 

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    I'm sure that browsing the code which this is based on will help you. Obviously Jani has added features, but if you want to learn about the PPM work or basic buttons and LEDs, it is the ticket.

  • Maybe you could integrate it into your board, then have a plug to add the thumbstick?
  • Will you release your code? I'm assuming you used Arduino/Atmel8?
    I only ask cos I'd like to do something with a gimbal/playstation thumbstick, to control a gimbal. Would be nice to use your board, but also have a thumbstick attached.
  • Developer

    Color module is possible but usually color models have less luminance so it's not that visible on sunlight. B/W then again is visible rather well. 

    Round buttons are one way. Most likely it will have it's own enclosure before shipping so no need to worry about making holes etc. 

  • Also wondered why your not using the 9964 color module it seems very little more expensive than B&W one?

  • Great concept,

    Suggest round buttons to make it easier to mount in various user enclosures (easier to drill round holes than cut square ones.)

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