3689462974?profile=originalSo I have some vacations coming up and already have some quads and a hex I figured I needed a fixed wing to round out my aerial camera fleet. (for now) heh. So I took the plunge and picked myself up an X8 to fill up with electronics. 


I'm running an ArduPilot Purple, with a Castle 75 esc waiting for Hobbyking to drop of my new Scorpion motor until then I have a 700W max 50Amp local hobby store motor to power the bird. I'm running 1.2 video feeding through MinimOSD with a Sony 720 line mini cam. I have a roll and tilt GoPro mount in the works that I'll post up some pics when I can get some play time on the  router this weekend. Communication is done through a Futaba 10C 72Mhz and some 900Mhz XBees.


I've only made a few mods for now like adding a second motor mount plate that bolt through the foam to the outer plate.


I made some electronics trays and filled in the lower camera cut out with some foam and Gorilla glue.



I ended up bringing the control linkage up through the wing, leaving it on the bottom seemed like a bad idea for a belly lander. I have never flown a or built a fixed wing, but I said the same about the multirotors and DIYDrone's gear and community made it simple, awesome and enjoyable. Only crashes were ah-hem user error. So I'm hoping for the same luck with this bird. I do have tons of hours now on RealFlight sim just to make sure I feel comfortable with the controls. That being said any input from from you guys will be greatly appreciated. I'll update this blog as things progress and as I get the camera mount going. But for now heres some more eye candy. Be happy and safe all!

3689463229?profile=original3689463317?profile=original3689463299?profile=original3689463186?profile=original 3689463358?profile=original

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  • Itzik Ronen : NTM35-42 1000kv... but i would go for the 35-48 1000kv sk3 ...no need for 320g motor !... ESC is 80 but over kill...PLUSH 60 is OK... 12-6 carbon folding prop... 1x 4s5000

  • ggtronic - Can you tell us what is your power system setup? (motor/prop/buttery)

  • http://vimeo.com/46543007

  • Gordon,

    Some pictures please?

    I'm hoping to have my X8 soon too !!!!

  • Almost in the Air! Just waiting for a Graupner folding spinner to show up.Two 3300 or 5000 4s in para.,Castle Ice 75 ESC, Scorpion SII-3020-1110Kv,RVOSD 5.1,FrSky 2.4,GoPro Hero2 (in nose),Sm. 600 line cam. on a 360 deg. sail winch pan servo(FPV/Alien),1.3 A/V Tx-Rx,Mods:Move servo linkage to top of wing,added extra inner firewall, anti-vibe motor mt.,anti-vibe autopilot mt., Alum. and CF to stiffen wings,FG cloth and Epoxy for strength, wheels,strobe & LEDs ...Fun build! Been flying Quads FPV ... wanted a little more glide/speed/distance. Being my 1st plane, maybe I went a little overboard, but "Go big or go home!" Got a killer new place to fly too. Can't wait. See you guys in the sky!       DrDepth89

  • Empty weight was something around 2.5lbs IIRC.  Mine has every bell and whistle I can put on it and today it officially weighs in at 6.5 pounds on the nose, 2x 5000maH, 1x 800mah, foxtech HD camera with 3 servos, 100A ESC, 650W motor 13x5 prop, APM2, reciever, minimOSD, cooling fan, lawmate 1.2ghz 1W Tx, audible voltage monitors, airspeed and current sensors, an inline fuse x2 (60A for motor and 3A for video system) AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PAIR TREEEEEEE-E-E-EEEEE :)

  • Cheers Toby. Chad sounds great, thank you. Will make some mods to strengthen it up. Launching it is going to be an issue if it's pushing 6kg though.

    What is the empty weight of the X8; airframe, motor, esc, rx, servos. No battery or APM?

  • Very good Vampire looking plane. :-)

  • Anyone tried enlarging the control surface?

  • Simon, forget the Hugin, I went from a Hugin to the X8.

    The X8 can carry far more payload and is also much stronger, my Hugin only lasted half a dozen flights. The X8 has 40+ flights on it and is still going strong.

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