ArduPilot Shield Demo

I few days ago i received the first prototypes of the Ardupilot Shield. Right now they don't have silkscreen to reduce the prototyping costs, but the commercial version will do..Main goals:-On board 3.3V power regulator.-Disable the GPS before uploading new firmware automatically.-A lot of pins headers to easily attach sensors with power supply included.-Special connector for 3.3V GPS modules (including the TTL conversion).-Pressure sensor, with low pass filtering, for AirSpeed...-External reset button.-Mirrored status LED,s...-Optional power divider (analog 5) to measure battery level.

[Infrared connector at the bottom]The cost without the sensor will be around $20 dlls at beginning, soon if i order bigger batch's i can reduce the price.My ideas is to make 100 units without the pressure sensor, and another 100's with the pressure sensor (around $30 dlls price tag)... Stay tuned for more news..You can give a look to the diagram here:

[UPDATE]: Auto turnoff is not working properly on 3.3Volts GPS, so i will need to make some changes.
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    Hello i will ship through FEDEX, and USPS (also international)... Using flat rates boxes to significantly reduce prices for you guys... I will release 20 shields with sensors this Monday (if everything goes well), another 20 without sensor. Including my FailSafe servo Multiplexor boards (i've post like year ago) and my tiny four Channel Servo OptoCoupler (used to isolate any uController from the noisy servos and BEC grounds).
    I will try to post this Sunday night all the information of the e commerce URL (is secret now), BTW the site is in diapers there several grammar errors but you can order by paypal (you can use any credit card without registration). Other products are in production.

    With your help i will be able to continue developing more good and cheap stuff. And even dedicate full time on this... ;-)

    I have a lot of school homework and other activity's, that's the reason why i'm not responding here in DIYdrones. Sorry!!
  • I need one if you're keeping count.

  • Any ideas about shipping costs to Finland?
  • Jordi, count me in too :) Thanks a lot
  • Please put me on the list too. If there is one.
  • Admin

    As I have said in a post before, I will definitely take two so please include me on your pre-order list.

  • Jordi, if you are so far, please include me in your pre-order list too. Many thanks!
  • T3
    great i just ordered my system and would like to be included in your pre-order on this boad too if you are starting a list... thank you!
  • We can't go through paypal from where I work as a strict policy, so we'll be waiting for your other ecommerce solution. I'll definitely buy one personally for home use, though. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Hi Jordi, any reason why this is not being done through Sparkfun? It seems easier for new users to buy everything at one place and everyone's going to want a shield.
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