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  • 100KM
    techpod2.0 progress
  • hey, i have a sony block camera (fcb-ex480b) at home, i really need to know your progress.-...
  • It looks great, what program did you use to make the model?
  • I certainly would be interested in a gimbal system that has nice smooth tracking ability.
  • 100KM
    I'm not here to sell cameras . if it fits your more then welcome to slap in whatever . the dimensions for the sony are 35.9 x 40.8 x 59.2 (mm) any other camera with these dimensions or smaller should work fine .
    the foxtech comes in at 56.2 mm(L)×38.5 mm(W)×32 mm(H) should slide right in !. thanks for the link .
  • why not buy the camera from they almost sell the same camera for 299 USD? and it comes with everything you need like a pan and tilt + automatic step up-down regulator....?
    BTW nice design! :D
  • Nice same camera I would use, nice design
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