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  • So far I found this info if anyone's looking

    Contact Information:
    877-875-2557 (toll-free, North America only) or 909-594-7771 x: 560
    Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PT

    Still awaiting a reply via e-mail

  • I'd like to know where to get spare parts for this, like props and motor & mounts with the gears

    been looking a year for something compatible without changing all 4 

  • In Soviet Russia, government mandates UAV insurance.

  • @ Ellison, LOL!

  • have any one seen this:

  • Oh also, btw the only reason I can think of for such a system to out perform a conventional camera mount is if the machine was a weapon and due to size (or other reasons) had to have the weapon hard mounted on the quad to increase the airframes integrity and ability to tolerate such a setup.

  • Obviously fake, But think about what advantages rotating nacelles would give a gun platform such as this, could it be used to assist aiming in the air, as long as the nacelles rotation doesn't actually screw with the air crafts cog etc.

    If I am not completely wrong, and there are millions of hurdles to implement such a system so be it, but its definitely worth a think about :)

  • ok :-)

  • Let's not debate the realism of this. ;-)

    It's already been proven to be a hoax, and just an promotion for the game.

  • ,22 long is about 4 grams x round. 100 rounds are 400grams + 1.6 kg for a sub machine gun is about 2kg.

    2 kg is not that much for a quad.

    Things are exploding when hitted in certain area and the recoil of the gun can be seen while the gun is shooting.

    And this guy is well know to play with all kind of guns including RPGs and big stuff.

    I might be naif but does not looks fake to me

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