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  • The Inspire 1 has pretty hefty motors, he's lucky it fractured his finger but didn't cut it off.  A typical 2212 motor with 10" props can be pretty harmful already, and those are a lot bigger.  It's also insane of his crew to do this with a closed-source autopilot in which you can't predict what the PIDs are going to command the motors to do when the aircraft's attitude is restrained by it being held in a hand.

    Actually he's lucky the drone didn't spin towards him and cut his face with the remaining props when the one prop collided with the hand and probably lost lift (haven't seen a video).

  • I personally blame the operator... I will never allow any of my vehicles get close to someone in that particular way... Even if the artist insist in doing so...

    And by the way, Mexico has started implementing similar rules regarding Drones... take a look (, its only in spanish, sorry.

  • Clearly OHS means something else in Mexico and is something one takes, to inspire one, to take down drones. :-p

  • It's part of his act. They have apparently been doing it all recent shows.   Confetti blows up everywhere as he looks up into the camera.  An accident happened, so what.

    There are way too many people that like to stir up junk and blow things out of proportion.

  • Got me there... Mexico

  • I am glad the media didn't title it, "Drone shreds Singer's hand" or, "Singer Gets bloodied by a Drone".

  • While not smart, I doubt this was illegal. Do you really think there are laws banning this in Mexico?

  • There is nothing legal or smart about any of this. 

  • T3

    The headline of this post is pure click bait and not representative of what happened.

  • Well,  i would not advise this act..

    I believe this was a dumb move.

    also one more thing to give this hobby a bad name...       

    where was the pilot???    why did he not land on a clear part of the stage, than have the star pick it up and point it around.

    Like some one said, bet he won't do that again......

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