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Config%20Tool%203.gifDelete waypoints, save & load missions, drag & drop.... it's really getting there!Feel free to download and try it out. I have not yet tested with the ArduPilot itself so read/write may not work.Config Tool DownloadIf your map on the right is blank or you see a series of odd buttons where the map should be, you'll need to look into issues with your Internet Explorer and Google Maps. See here for instructions: Google Maps TroubleshootingPlease also check out this blog post GPS Emulator for info on how to use the GPS Emulator that is now included with the ConfigTool.zipParis.gif
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  • you should try to search in DIY drones for Happykillmore config tool updates (the problem will probably be fixed soon cause he is working with Jordi on that !)
  • T3
    I have the same issue with home setting as stated above, I left comment on the main adru page and rcgroups
  • thank you!

    my ardupilot is packed for my trip so i'll not be able to try it again for a while but i'm still watching closly all the blogs post in here!!
  • Developer
    Fefenin no is not normal, i will check it out!
  • hi,
    i just tried today the new config tool 'cause i received the Ublox today...

    everything works fine but the manual set "Home" and blnd plug...

    could someone try it for me and tell me if when you put the bind plug without setting manual home ,
    write and then read, the home position is going to the right place...

    and don't know if i'm clear enaught but it seems that the Home is not write were it should.
    + when i set manual home and the write , then move home on the map and the read i'm not getting the "home " i wrote.

    is it normal?

    i don't know if it does the same with locosys GPS (can't remember)

    thank's in advance
  • thank you !!

    we'll try it..
  • For those of you watching this thread, a new version has been posted which fixes some regional issues for users who use a comma for a decimal point. It also works on up to 48 waypoints....
  • I think the way the config tool handles trims is kind of broken, and I stumbled on it because of another issue I'm having with it. If you write a saved mission to the Ardupilot without first reading from the arduPilot it sets the trims back to zero. I guess the config tool is doing what you tell it, because the trims default to zeros. It would be nice if it handles the setting of trims like the clearing or max altitude and speed, only when you go into the dialog for trim, otherwise it should leave it alone.

    I found this out because I can't do a read from the ArduPilot unless I have an internet connection, so doing a read at the field is out. Is anyone else having this issue or is it something with my setup?
  • 3D Robotics
    Excellent! Jordi's back this week so perhaps he can work with you on that last >21 waypoint bug.
  • well done!!!!!!!!

    working great for me, even the search button that wasn't working!!

    thank you it is a very good "must have" for the ardupilot

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