Chris Anderson, an early developer of sUAS hardware and ArduPilot firmware

Under new legislation, small Unmanned Aircraft System is subject to compulsory registration prior to the small UAS operating outdoors.

Since home development of model aircraft, small UAS is a procedure made of the following steps:

1. buy parts, install motors, propellers, battery, control unit, radio, sensor/s

2. assembly the above parts

3. test such home developed model aircraft outdoor

loop 1. 2. 3. 

Under new legislation home developers, modellers are banned to test new assembled

small aircraft, small drones outdoors,

since you are required to register any assembled kit before the operating outdoors.

Battery replaced >  New registration required > new registration number assigned

Motors replaced > ..

Propellers replaced > ...

New frame purchased for tests >  New registration required

So in theory and practice, activities of ArduDrone, ArduPlane developers, modellers

have been banned, since any new test is subject to prior registration.

If you claim, you are allowed to replace parts, frame, motor, propellers, battery, controller, radio in your home developed mini drone and such new developed small drone is exempted from compulsory registration, pls let me know your opinion.

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  • I must of missed what Chris' picture has to do with all this?

  • or fines/prison time. 

  • Who is actually going to register their flying robots? 

    This decision was made months ago. The comment period was just a sideshow for the peasants to feel as if they live in a representative republic. 

    I missed the part where Congress authorized the FAA to impose a tax. 

  • Meanwhile ...

    Will you or won't you register?

    Some are pretty adamant about their view that the FAA claim that they can regulate "Model aircraft"  is illegitimate.

    Given 2012 congressional order to FAA not to regulate "Model Aircraft"). When challenged on this in the press conference by a journalist from the Associated Press, FAA spokesman responded that they do not view the registration requirement as model aircraft regulation. This as the FAA is announcing it as "Federal Law", with up to  $27k fines and/or jail  terms for non-compliance ...

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  • My favourite FAQ from the FAA web site.

    Q. If I don't have a scale and my drone doesn't appear on the list is there another method to tell how much it weighs?

    A. Two sticks of butter weigh 0.5lbs.

  • "Flying a drone is much more dangerous than firing a firearm into the National Air Space above 400' or within 5 miles of an airport. Even if it is for recreation and not for pay."

    Is this a joke? Unbelievable.

  • @David Boulanger > Are you going to tell me that if I fly survey grid in auto, with a FPV monitor, and I am never more than 200 meters away from my aircraft which I can clearly see at all times its not recreation?

    Yes and no. What I was saying, or rather what I was paraphrasing the FAA as saying, is that a drone flown FPV (with goggles), even with a spotter, is not considered a "model aircraft" per the FAA. That's because the FAA considers that a drone flown FPV where you do not have your eyes on the aircraft at all times, not matter what distance, is not a drone flown line of sight. (Lots of debate about this including AMA arguing it's as good as line of sight, but the FAA disagrees).

    As for a drone flying autonomously,  it would be considered a model aircraft if and only if it's within line of sight (so  not monitored FPV, eyes on it at all times,  no further than line of sight). 200 meters away in your scenario  is probably ok, I'd say it's may be pushing if you consider this line of sight, but then again there is no definition of line of sight, distance, etc ...  

    Yes, it's a mess ...

  • @john "Not sure what constitutes 'aircraft' and how much of it could change before it is considered a different 'aircraft' and needs to be registered again. Can't see how swapping batteries changes the aircraft...unless it increases the weight to outside the weight limits."

    I can only guess that similar interpretations may be used as for manned small aircraft...  as long as the 2"x4" engraved metal data plate remains affixed to the airframe it remains the same aircraft.  Even after nearly all of the parts have been replaced.  New airframe, new engine, new wings, propeller, landing gear, wheels & tires, control surfaces... etc.  As long as the aircraft remains in compliance with its original type certificate AND has the original data plate, it is the same aircraft.

  • Under: How to use the new registration process


    Q. If I own multiple drones, do I have to register them all?

    A. No. You may register once and apply the same registration number to all your UAS.

  • The vehicle must be within line of sight because you must be watching it, or if you do FPV you need a spotter who is watching the vehicle and watching for other aircraft.

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