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  • another test:

  • Congratulations and well done. The world needs more people like you to innovate it.
  • Outstanding!  Just introduce FLIR camera's and the commerical/millitary interests will spike.  Curious what hardware you ended up using to transmit high def video to the pc?  Did you end up using a Wookong controller to get accurate GPS hold?

  • OoooOOooOOo.  What hardware'd you use to acheive this & do you want some help with software dev?  I'm totally down.

  • step - video streaming and target selection via TCP/IP...

    Awesome for building  & site surveying/accident management etc. Someone onsite flies the vehicle, someone back in the office does all the camera work and analysis from his desktop PC.

    I will be watching with interest.

  • This is awesome.Congratulations!

  • What FC you are using ..? APM 2.5 ..?

  • Really cool!

    Please post some more details about the setup.

  • Very nice. Awesome.

  • Developer

    Awesome! Congratulations by the impressive result.
    I wanna try this running openCV on a beagleboard someday.

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