FPV tour of Namibia

Hein is a long time friend on DIY Drones.

Just want to show his work to you.

Hein.... I did not finished my Skywalker but obviously you did.

These pictures are awesome. Thank you!


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  • 100KM

    Hi Michael, thank you. I'm actually a Capetownian, but visit Nanibia regularly. Let's stay in touch, I have friends in Windhoek. Add me as a friend?

  • Hi Hein, Michael here (Also from Namibia :-) ) nice footage, let's meet up for coffee sometime. I'm based in Windhoek. 

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    Hi, thanks Pascal - yes I use 1.2ghz, I switch between linear and circularly polarized antennas as required.

  • Congrat Hein ! What a nice place ! I have myself a Skywalker and I will go soon to south Angola, where it looks a bit like this. Too bad the custom there is so bad with flying stuff...

    What is your video system ? 1.2 Ghz ? what TX antenna ? I saw elsewhere you are using crosshair on ground.

  • The footage and music instantly reminds me of Dune. I wish you have a lot of possibilities this year to fly and share videos like this :)

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    Thanks Greg! Will be some time before I can do something as exciting again :/

  • Super footage as always Hein!

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    Oh, the battery was an XPower 8500 4S. Attached is the summary screen. Not the most efficient flight ever. I think the gimbal does use a significant amount of energy, though much better than other models I've had.


  • 100KM

    @robert, yes it was an unexpected bonus - the gimbal maintained direction while the plane turned under it - I like it too!

    Max distance was only 5.6km. I have a 800mw video tx on it, but on the bench it was 500mw tested and it got damaged by a shorted antenna, so my range would probably be reduced to around 10km. Have a look at my 35km personal best with 800mw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YoaqNfR8zc

    My first plane was a Radian Pro, which I immediately installed APM 1 on :) Great flyer, but no interior space whatsoever :(

  • you are pretty far out, what is the tx power of the video transmitter?

    and what battery are you using?

    just to see what is needed when my small radian glider hits the end of life ;-)

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