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Mechanical Engineering Student

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Crazy about flying,I think drones are the future, and I want to be part of it.



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Michael Nauta commented on Dragan's blog post An enthusiastic project in an instant, Defiance Pro - built for FPV :)
"I've always been a big fan of quads or tricopters with Helicopter canopies mounted on them, This looks way cooler though. :-)"
Jan 30, 2017
Michael Nauta commented on EsdTechnik's blog post FPV tour of Namibia
"Hi Hein, Michael here (Also from Namibia :-) ) nice footage, let's meet up for coffee sometime. I'm based in Windhoek. "
Jan 17, 2017
Michael Nauta commented on Andy Little's blog post A high performance FPV soarer, the SkyHook Discovery
"Cool, anything specific you want to do with it or just a hobby fpv platform?"
Oct 19, 2016
Michael Nauta replied to Guillermo Hornung's discussion Software to process NDVI fotos. in Agricultural UAVs
"Hi Guillemo, 

Got any luck?

Jun 27, 2016
Michael Nauta replied to Lars Hansen's discussion Wanted and waiting impatiently : Collaboratours for UFO proj, technical 3D drawing, gyros and magnetic levitation
"What does this visionary man have in mind for the project?"
Mar 29, 2015
Michael Nauta commented on noeL's photo
"Stark similarities to the Inspire-1"
Mar 28, 2015
Michael Nauta replied to Scooter's discussion Been working on this thing for a year need to share with somone. in ArduPlane User Group
"Cool Project and decals, (I like the shark face the most). with the introduction of the Drone app kit, and all that space you have up infront, I think there is really very few limiting you from going all out. what are the power specs on it though?…"
Mar 28, 2015
Michael Nauta commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post UAV Challenge Medical Express 2016
"Poor Joe, the UAV is only there to rescue his blood sample."
Feb 24, 2015
Michael Nauta replied to Ned Stojadinovic's discussion Just how much dihedral do we really need?
"From the point of Efficiency, the more work required to keep the aircraft in the air, the less efficient."
Jan 30, 2015
Michael Nauta commented on Michael Nauta's blog post Custom designed quadcopter-APM 2.5
"@Rai, thanks alot, will be uploading a link to the page where the rest of the project is, including videos and final pictures(needs some paint).@Dragan, thanks bro, just trying out a few things.@Brian, wow, your Quad is awesome, will be making a…"
Dec 17, 2014
Michael Nauta posted a blog post
For a project my group is currently undertaking with media lab Asia, we had to fabricate a UAV that could be used as a data mule in case of disaster(Delay tolerant networks).Decided to go for an H frame and designed the following frame on Autocad.…
Dec 16, 2014
Michael Nauta commented on Julian's photo
"Is it a surfboard? Is it a plane? :-D awesome design there mate."
Nov 26, 2014