Here a video a the latest firmware of the ThermoPilot v5.2 (2012 version) which uses a new algorithm (MLA) tested in HIL mode on Xplane v9.70 during a full autonomous slope soaring flight in high mountains. The ThermoPilot is a full enhancement of the ArduPlane v2.28 which adds the Thermal Hunting capabilitie and some others features for the gliders pilots. The ThermoPilot v5.0 has been tested successfully in july-august 2011 on a Cularis electro-glider and on oct 2011 on a ASW-24 3m50 electro-glider with an ArduPilot Mega 2560 v1.4 IMU (phase 3). The phase 4, now uses an APM v2 with the v2.28ThP5 firmware. I am using Xplane v9.70 as a test plateform in HIL mode because, it is able to reproduce with accuracy various weather conditions (thermal upwards, dynamic soaring, slope and/or ridge soaring) in a real 3D mapped world...



The ThermoPilot is able to do a cross country soaring mission and it is also able to do a slope soaring pattern pointed by two GPS points. These two points are pointed in flight by the pilot along the slope and then the glider is able to flight itself as long as the dynamics upwards are still actives.




More infos at:

and at:

Regards, Jean-Louis

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  • Any updates on this project JLN?

  • cool. I'm eagerly awaiting your beta release too. Any idea when?

  • This is fantastic Jean-Louis, much congratulations.

    I will wait eagerly for a beta release.

  • again very nice!

    best robert

  • Developer

    Hello Joel,

    I am using the Cularis with the ThermoPilot in real flights since october 2010... And today the Cularis have done a lot of hours of full autonomous flight in slope soaring, thermal soaring above the fields and also in cross country soaring missions. Below, you will find a video of real flights done with the Cularis driven by an earlier version the ThermoPilot in high mountain (French Alps) and above the field (Auvergne) during the spring 2011.

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • Glad I stumbled on this thread.  I have plenty of experience with the Cularis, though I have none with Arduplane.  I'm on the list for the APM2 and have my MKIII chassis waiting to accept it. 

    Have you tried the thermal hunting capabilities with the Cularis yet?

  • Developer

    Here some photos of the ArduPilot Mega 2560 installed on a Cularis e-Glider (Multiplex). This is my dev platform for the ThermoPilot project. The firmware ThermoPilot v6 is now currently under tests flights. The Cularis is a really good (and cheap) thermal hunter...






  • yes, the weather is nice as well as your pictures.

    but my sw is not ready.

    have to move everything towards a cortex m3 device.

    takes a while...


  • Developer

    Some news about the ThermoPilot project currently in full development and testing... On march 24, 2012, I have done successfully the first flight of my Fashionista, a 5 meters wingspan e-Glider (weight: 7.5 kg).




    You may watch the Slide Show of the first flight HERE



  • Developer

    Hello Veikko,

    This is fully exact !!! This is the main purpose of the ThermoPilot v5.2...


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