Game of Clones...........


Just came across this Pixhawk clone, so thought I would share.

Ready to Fly Quads is a reputable distributor, and I have made a few purchases from them already. They already have a clone of the APM2.x, that has been somewhat successful. Will this new clone be just as good. for under $100USD, might be work a try.

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  • "The open source movement focuses on convincing business that it can profit by respecting the users' freedom to share and change software. We in the free software movement appreciate those efforts, but we believe that there is a more important issue at stake: all programmers [owe] an ethical obligation to respect those freedoms for other people. Profit is not wrong in itself, but it can't justify mistreating other people."  ...... Richard Stallman

    3DR:  please read up on the GPL. It appears that 'u' are violating your own license!

  • Hi Craig

    Could you post some info on how we can add our own certificate to our DIY board ?

  • Thank You for the tip, I also tested this program. but blocked for all home-brew boards too 


  • Hi Paul,

    You should try APM Planner 2.0.8 and see if you can use APM Planner 2.0 for your board (e.g. update firmware, etc.), instead of the Mission Planner.

    APM Planner 2.0.8 works in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, so if your board works, then have 2 more audience instead of just Windows Users.

  • ...ok mission planner updated again..

    First we had an opt error..


    Now missing planner shows just a message this is a clone, but allows upload.

    1 day later.. 


    Now the mission planner blocks all home-brew boards. 100% will not upload.

    what is going on??


    Regarding the battery ... I left it off the board to improve the board.

    1. the battery will introduce vibrations. ( I know this from personal use of this battery)   unless you glue it down.

    2. the battery can brake loose during a crash. even if one lead fails. it can short out nearby components... unless you glue it down..

    3. I can not find  any info on what the battery does to overcome having it on the board.....

    I have them if anyone wants them on there boards...


    but this is so buried, I guess no one will see it  

  • OK. craig. I will send you a PM,   thank you very much. I hope great things working together.

    Why would you bother with RCgroups ? I thought this was about the community ... community = developers??? .

    If one does a Google search of "pixhawk"..... rcgroups is of the first things a new "developer" is going to find. How can that no be bothered ? I understand Ardupilot is DIY Drones, but I could not get an answer before this post. Where are the Irc channels? where are the real running forums? blog posts go off the page in 10 seconds.

    I try to provide great hardware for the people, and we all work together to achieve awesome goals, that is what keeps me going everyday .

    I thank you everyone for every question you have. keep flying 


  • Developer
    Contacting 3DR is simple, just PM Craig :)
    Feel free to add OTP COA to your boards, it will help identify them separately from other boards. Craig will be able to let you know what needs to be done here.
  • Developer
    Why would we bother with RC Groups when the whole point of Ardupilot is DIY Drones. Feel free to send me a message right here on this site.
  • Thank you everyone for all the support. I have been trying to contact someone on the dev team at 3DR, why is there no one on rcgroups? (the biggest rc forum on the net....)  

    If you did order you will be getting your RTFHAWK in the next couple days, do not worry. I am a one-man-band for sure; but this is not my first "rodeo".

    It is taking a little longer to get first batch of units out the door. I appreciate all the patience, it will be worth the wait, and there will be support in the future. I guess 3DR can see this.. they updated MP couple hours after I posted a copy mission planner to my website for full grade support with opt craziness. now, I just get called a clone....

    you will see the QT is top notch, and will only get better with your support. I would love to work with 3DR.. what is the best email address for this ?

    Happy Easter ! 





  • Developer


    >>>The bigger issue is what this says about 3DR, and their commitment to open source.

    3D Robotics is both the originator of Ardupilot and the number one supporter of Ardupilot.  We are fully committed to open source.  I like to think of 3D Robotics and especially my role at 3D Robotics as we are stewards of Ardupilot.

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