Getting six fly modes on Futaba T10CAG transmitter

We use for example CH5,switch C-3positions and switch D-2positions.


1. Transmitter END POINT menu-GEAR -100%3689440774?profile=original

2.SUB-TRIM menu-GEAR -0


3.AUX-CH SELECT menu –CH5-Ls1(Logical switch)


4.LOGIC SW menu.Settings as shown on left.


 5.PROG.MIX1-8 menu choose mix 5


 6.P.MIX5  page 2/2 settings as shown


7.GYRO SENSE menu settings-CH5 and switch C as shown.


 8.GYRO SENSE  menu position 2 to ON.


 9.C switch up,D switch up and set 68%.Pulse with in this set is 1166µs.


 10.C switch middle position,D switch up and set 48%.PW-1264µs.


 11.C switch down,D switch up and set 16%.PW-1423µs.


 12.P.MIX5 menu tab2/2 turn MIX ON.


 13.P.MIX5 tab1/2 C switch down,D switch down and set -(minus)71% at poin5.PW-1554µs.


 14.C switch middle,D switch down,set -(minus)76% at point1.PW-1683µs.


 15.C switch up,D switch down and set -(minus)71% at point5.PW-1814µs


 16.Now P.MIX tab2/2


That's all.There are other ways to do it,no doubt.

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  • I could set new T10J programing on the method of Chris Card.


  •  I don't know if I'm asking this in the correct post , so please let me know if I'm wrong .

      I have a Futaba T10 CAP and I would like to just be able to setup 3 flight modes . Can anyone help me , or tell me where I can receive some help with this please ?

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    I tried my own way with my 10CP Using program mixes that I used for Arduplane without issue, but for some reason using Arducopter it would only work some of the time? I haven`t updated my PPM encoder so assumed that might be causing the issue... Anyhow I followed the instructions at the beginning of the post and now it works fine. Sure there is an answer somewhere, but it works now so thats good enough for me.

  • As already stated, there are other ways to get six modes on the 10C.

    IMHO the following is a bit easier.

    My target values for MODES 1 thru 6 are:  1165, 1296, 1426, 1552, 1686, 1815. These are the middle values for the modes and they are evenly spaced.

    I am using channel 6 (FLAP) for my example

    Assign switch 'C' , which is a three position switch, to FLAPS.

    With the 'C" switch in the centre position to try and get 1426 (mode 3) the SUB TRIM is set to -120, this is the most that the offset can be changed by, and its just enough to get me close enough to my target.


    I got 1450 for MODE 3

    The offset will shift the END POINTS.

    3692627237?profile=originalSetting the END POINTS to 50 (switch-up) & 70 (switch-down) as shown give me 1170 for MODE 1

    and 1812 for MODE 6.  You can get them a little closer to the target values, but the even numbers look nice ;)

    Next: Mode 2, Mode 4 and Mode 5  will be set with curve-mixes.


    Enable the MIX function , assign it to switch D or any TWO-POSITION switch.

    Set MASTER & SLAVE to the FLAP channel.

    Now the mix values will be set.


    Curve POINT #1 (switch-up) is set to -45 which gives a MODE 2 value of 1295,

    POINT #3 (switch-centre) is set to -34 and gives 1553 for MODE 4

    Finally, POINT #5 (switch-down) is set to +32 and it give 1686 for MODE 5.

    Leave the other two curve points (#2 & #4)  at zero.

    That is it! 

    The values for each of the modes were pretty close to my 'target' values.  :)


  • G=2.4g P=PCM

  • A=Airplane H=Heli

  • Ive used this for the both the T10CAG and the T10CHG  and works fine. As I understand the difference between these two is they are  physical identical only that one is setup software wise as default for airplane and the other is set up as default for Heli. I'm not sure what defaults the 10CAP is set for, but perhaps if you download the manual for the CAG and compare where its defaults are different and maybe reset your to this as default and then start from there.

  • This is for T10CAG only.I do not have 10CAP,so can't write about settings.

  • 10CAG only 2.4g 10CAP 2.4g & FM module

  • Developer

    I have the 10CAG and this post is written for the 10CAG model. There must be a difference in the 10CAP.

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