HD video for UAV's

3689522281?profile=originalI keep asking myself why this cannot be done, and so far i have not found an answer i can believe. So i bought a commercial HD Video/Audio sender for home use and plugged in my gopro as a video source, and my flat screen TV as the player, and i connected up these devices and viola..! it worked. So my next thought what is the problem with making this work in a UAV , it is using 5.8Ghz it is cheap to buy, just need to hack it so the antenna is less directional, and we can then have HD in our goggles, or on our screen.

This would be far more preferable to me for a first time FPV flyer as the picture is so poor at 480x240 pixels, you can hardly see if your moving or not.

What do you all think? i know a more elegant solution would be nicer but for now it would work.

sample of what i meant : http://www.maplin.co.uk/wireless-hdmi-video-sender-kit-503801

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  • doh I didnt notice he was asking wifi :)

    i have my gear setup in my house the antenna is outside so i have no need to use the wifi i fly in my back hay field so if the aircraft can connect using the onboard to my receiver its good, my router is wifi and i can connect using a cell or tablet to view the embedded stream

  • LAN interface is definitely not the same as WLAN..

  • im working on bringing a bunch in soon.. if it the deal works out

  • that one does, you just need to assign its local ip/port to the router for an exception for the firewall

    "LAN interface is
    optional for Pocket DVR in specific network applications. Pocket DVR turns to be
    a network video server and NVR with LAN interface

  • @Charles:

    Nice pointer; are you aware of anything that size streaming over wifi?

  • http://zowietek.com/products/4_1.htm 

    Thats just one , without google

  • So please post an example.

  • maybe I'm not understanding your post correctly, but there has been hundreds of solutions that do this for years, from tiny to large scale, even ones that will stream over the net live while you fly

  • using a second copter, a ardu plane or a weather balloon / blip as a relay bridging our network may work too.

    That's exactly what I was thinking about too. You could even make an aerial "access chain" with multiple planes/copters.. problem is that the WLAN repeaters half the bandwith.

    Does anybody know the price of the MicroraptorHD? Sounds really promising.

  • Basically, I was talking about WHDI... <1ms latency. It makes use of OFDM transmission. It's one of the consumer wireless hdmi technologies. Prices are around $300 from what I've seen. Much less than the $20,000 Pro level COFDM HD transmitters.

    I'll be making a purchase very soon, with the hope of adding better antenna's and possibly a singnal amplifier.

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