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Jose Juilo from the ArduCopter team has been doing great work adding the GPS position hold and autopan features to the code. Yesterday you saw the video of the flight; here's the picture that the quad took, a stitch of 8 photos taken with a programmed slow yaw movement linked to shutter triggers.

Full GPS navigation is the next feature ArduCopter will inherit from the ArduPilot Mega code. Expect a public beta within the month....

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  • w60 145gr.
    That looks satisfied.
  • Developer
    Steve, this is my idea also... and the reason why I return to quadcopters...
    Fabien, the camera is a pentax w60. I got it free from a technical service and I repaired it ;-)
  • hey hey hey , good news .

    Good Work Jose .
  • Wow, super nice quality too! What camera was this?

    Not a DSLR I hope? That'd be a bit expensive if it crashed hehe.
  • @Jani - a 360º yaw plus panning down to get a full sphere (sky would have to be shopped in) with the flick of a switch would be amazing!
  • Developer
    And there might be even more than just yaw roll :)
  • This is a delightfully powerful image(s) expressing the real value of cheap access to low altitude airspace.
  • Great Stuff!!
    Well Done!
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