Hello everyone,

I would like to briefly introduce a product that has been in development for more than a year now and is planned to enter production this summer. It's a low latency, long range, glass-to-glass video transmission system.

Remarkable features are a long range operating distance (7 kilometres tested at 100mW using an economic 8 dB patch antenna at the receiver), a glass-to-glass video latency of 80 milliseconds with plans of bringing it below 50 milliseconds, three supported video frequencies (900 MHz, 2.4 and 5.8GHz) and a very small transmitter size of 63x38 millimetres.

Please visit Fpv.Red for more details, send us an email or ask in the comments for any question.

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  • Hi yes. I want to send 1080p to the ground to a large 1080p LCD, because that gives much more detail for searching for objects on it. The default source right now for me is a GoPro Hero4 with HDMI output. Currently SD via PAL over 5.8Ghz FM is fairly limited to show ground details, range is fine.

    So without pushing for too much secret detail, does the RF link use 75 or more hopping channels ?

    If not then it won't fit in the free licence class here in Australia and I can't use it anyway (professionally).


  • Hello Martin,

    Sensitivity of the 5.8GHz version is untested yet. I guess sensitivity will be very similar, but the signal will fade much earlier.

    No, this product doesn't use Wi-Fi and doesn't fit the strict Wi-Fi frequency hopping requirements.

    1080p is a possibility if planned for today. From my experience when limited in bandwidth (say 5 Mbps) 720p and 1080p provide basically the same visual quality. If using 10 Mbps and an external quality HDMI camera 1080p might start to make sense. Is this the setup you were interested in?


    I think the comparison went quite well. The analog system had 5 times the transmission power and an antenna with higher gain (an extra 3 dBm iirc). Yet it started showing interferences while the HD system was still perfect. That's an unexpected victory in my book :)


  • I'm in the market for something like this for professional use.
    Some questions.

    Is the sensitivity of the 5.8Ghz version the same as the one demonstrated ?

    Is the RF modulation digital, or frequency hopping of 75 or more channels ?

    (fitting into part 57 or 60 of ACMA regulations in AU https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2015G01459)

    Is 1080p transmission possible as well as the demonstrated 720p ?


    Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence 2015
  • Developer

    Looks very interesting, but comparing a 900 MHz (btw illegal where I live) system to a 2.4 GHz for range.. Cmon!

    Why not compare it to a similar frequency AV system?

  • If it comes in around 500usd, I'm in

  • @itcanonlybejared

    50 mile ranges is nearly impossible to achieve without either relays or satellite links, are you achieving this number using free space loss calculations?

  • Very nice work. I have a project I'm working on that achieves roughly 40ms glass-to-glass depending on the latency of the monitor used.  But It's not a plug and play system I would be able to sell. It will cost me $1000~ by the time It's done and will allow a 50 mile range @ 1080p 60fps 1.5 - 6mbps

  • yes the price is the key point...

  • Developer

    Looks very promising, and as always the decider for success will be the price.

    And on a side note, in today's world of business I think you are looking for trouble using "red" in the product name.

  • Hello Ravi, Telemetry is one way only, unfortunately. At least in this version. Are you asking about exposing telemetry data from the receiver as a UART/Mavlink read only interface?

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