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    Not a pure FPV:
    RPVหรือ FPV และล่าสุดสามารถบินด้วยการกำหนด Way point โดยอาศัยการนำร่องด้วยระบบ GPS
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    With that much dihedral it has much more vertical surface forward of COG. For sure yaw-unstable.
    Weak camera protection, looking forward (not towards the ground).
    The aerodynamics of the pylon is.. unimpressive.
    Looks like mil founded research, but just research.
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    Gary I think you could be right about that.
    But why the two connections on the right side of the fuselage (white).

    Maybe it's the Attopilot :-)
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    Maybe its just an FPV ship with a co pilot added.
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    ..wings look super stable!

    I worry about landings, though.
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    To me this just doesn't look Mil Grade.
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    Rory I hear you!! My guess is Paparazzi. The GPS is pretty shielded as well, that will cause Issue on low sat vis days whilst in the turn. Thailand is not a happy place at the moment.
  • My guess is it's using rangevideo gear
  • Newb question warning. Doesn't the wing pillar interfere with the XY axis sensor? Or is the IR shooting just past it due to it being slightly forward of it?

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    Yes Simon! I also found it on this website:

    It must be Thai mil. who is using this system.
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