Lady GaGa, first wearable hexacopter




Ok now I have seen it "all"... For some reason I were not stunned to see that it was Lady GaGa who made this first.. But here we are.


On their video it looks a bit badly tuned but it flies. Unfortunately video cannot be embedded to Ning so everyone need to look it by them selfs. 


LADY GAGA has clad herself in everything from meat to Kermit the Frogs, but her latest wardrobe wonder raised more than eyebrows when she wore a flying dress to promote her new album, Artpop.

At a secret New York event Gaga slipped into the battery-powered couture contraption, called Volantis, and hovered about a foot above the ground thanks to the hexi-copter design by Techhaus Studio XO.

The dress claims to be the world's first flying outfit but, before you tear up your bus tickets, Gaga explains it's more symbolic than transport solution.

Original post in here with video:

That's one fancy frame I would say. Maybe we need to start making those at jDrones  ;)

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  • Hi Everyone, I was the pilot for Lady Gaga last night and I can tell you it was an incredible experience to fly her. The large dodecacopter was not improperly tuned as someone suggested. This project has been under development for a long time and it was an honor and privilege to be involved with Studio XO and LG. It was a very stressful and difficult week of flight testing before the event, and we did the best we could in the time frame that we had. Blending fashion and technology is a challenge, and the Volantis will keep evolving, as LG said to me personally and also to the public at the media event. I would like to thank all the other members of the team who worked very hard on this project and I am sure all our names will be coming out soon. Gus Calderon

  • Nice! So instead of using a few (though 12 is not really a few...) larger props, could you use many smaller ones? Is that what the e-volo is doing?

  • Looks like we know who the pilot was! You could have heard him speak at the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition in July!

  • She's exactly two years late and definitely not the first.

  • She liked it!

  • Still pretty impressive...... very much so actually. I think once batteries become even lighter and more energy dense, and if more companies start manufacturing variable pitch props and drive the price down a bit, we could couple larger rotors with speed control and VP to make much larger multirotors. I think we should start seeing them soon :)

  • Feel Like we kind of set the Drone community back a few years with this..  but WE SHALL RECOVER!!!

  • Ahahah

  • Entropia666 this is not a work for Newton and Einstein but Sigmund Freud.

  • I'm pretty sure Newton can explain it without the help of Einstein ;)

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