LTE based FPV and Long Distance controlling UAV - IofT

Hi, my name is Kyomo Jung from Korea.

I've been working on how to do FPV and remote control over LTE for months regardless distance and legal issue

and eventually I got it.

The video is showing iPlane ( I named her ^^. " i " means intelligence and internet ) flying.


You know, Korea is one of the most advanced country on high speed internet and its coverage in the world

so FPV and control over LTE is very meaningful.

This small project is just a kick off for " IofT " with which I want to replace the word IoT.

I added "f" which stands for flying.

My goal is to deploy iUAV which enables " Better World " not military purpose.

Just for fun - iPlane making film ^^

Technical Misc.

FC : Pixhawk

FW : Arduplane 3.1.5

Raspiberrypi + Raspi Cam + mavProxy + MJPEG streamer

LTE router

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  • I get video from RPI with gstreamer UDP and record to rpi and do vlc stream over tcp .

    ## Mit Video Speichern in /root/stream.h264  stream1 is fifo file
    raspivid -t 0 -hf -vf -w 640 -h 480 -fps 15 -b 2000000 -o - | gst-launch-1.0 -e -vvv fdsrc ! tee name = fifo1 ! tee name = save1 ! h264parse ! queue ! rtph264pay pt=96 config-interval=5 ! udpsink host= port=5000 fifo1. ! queue ! filesink location=/root/stream1 save1. ! queue ! filesink location=/root/stream.h264

    on second ssh console : Sonst geht kein Video stream !!!!
    cat stream1 | cvlc -vvv stream:///dev/stdin --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,dst=:80}' :demux=h264

  • How do you make mavproxy Signal Lost ( LTE  / Modem / router fail) failsafe ?

    I do this with extra dronapi script and also connect to Plane with openvpn .

  • Great 

  • @RatFeet, @Stephan, it's the Rpi who is dealing video and telemetry data. In terms of telemetry data, mavProxy publishes it via UTP. In case you want to get video in Mission Planner, only MJPEG is allowed.

  • Very cool!!
    Can you share how you did the FPV transmission and display in MP?
  • @ Kyomo, very nice work. I have completed the setup few days ago using Raspberry Pi, Pi Cam and gstreamer. It would be great if you could publish your work so others in the community benefit.

    My operator does not allow SIM-to-SIM traffic, hence telemetry/Video over LTE won't work with normal SIMs. How did you setup yours?

  • @Emlid, yes I've just heard about it. I will deep dive into Navio soon ^^

  • @Stephen, the router is BNP-R211 made in Korea and LG for mobile carrier

  • Which LTE Router are you using?

  • Great job! Nice demonstration of what could be achieved with Raspberry Pi onboard. By the way, are you aware of Navio project? We already run APM on Raspberry Pi and Navio and are working on a similar demo.

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