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  • Any news or developments on The POV and Follow me features on Arducopter?

  • T3
    If they did not have all those pesky cables they probably could have flown lower.
  • @agibbons1:  NICE ONE!!  LOL!!!

    It does take a lot of development effort, as you know.  Which is why we should all be thankful for the community here, and the work they put into this stuff!

  • I guess when you make that much money on your control boards you have time to perfect your extra-curricular activities. :)  Great feature though...
  • Cool, Maybe I will visit it...
  • There are several cable wake board lakes in the northern part of Germany. This video was (probably) shooted in the beach club Nethen. This club is near to the MikroKopter company location.


  • where was the movie shooted?
  • Cool Video - didn't know there was such a thing as a cable-wake board lake.
  • Paparazzi implemented fully autonomous POI for the EMAV 2005 competition in Garmisch


  • Be careful. There is "follow me" and "point of interest".

    - "Follow me" there you follow the moving "point" only. This is a GPS - job.

    - "Point of interest" there you pitch/roll/yaw the camera to have allways the "point" in the camera field of view.

    For this you need additional the current attitude of the vehicle.


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