Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x



Mode switch setup for Turnigy 9x

First thanks to tiger in the ardupirates thread at RC Groups who not only supplied me the files to reflash my radio back to standard, but included a model in the eeprom file with the mixes already setup. I just had to tweak the numbers a little and write a story.


I am an AC2 user so there may be some APM differences I have missed.


Some things in this tute may be a little obvious as I have tried to aim this one at novices. I figure some of you more advanced users will have upgraded this radio to ER9x firmware.


We will be using the 3 position F. MODE switch and either the 2 position GEAR or THRO HOLD switch in this example to be able to get all six flight modes for the APM/AC2.

Ch6 from the receiver will be used to supply the APM board. We are aiming to get pulse widths of 1165, 1295, 1425, 1555, 1685, and 1815. Remember that 1815 will put APM into hardware manual because it uses the ch8 input, so you may as well assign manual mode to that position when you setup your chosen flight modes in CLI. AC2 uses the ch5 input for mode control, so you can choose whatever you like.


Use the PWM(AC2) or RADIO(APM)  test in CLI to read the pulse width numbers for ch5 on AC2 and ch8 on APM.The pulse-width readout is now conveniently located on the Radio Calibration page of the Planner. I have used a servo programmer here as it is convenient for photos. Remember the inputs are ch5 for AC2 or ch8 for APM. Don't confuse receiver outputs with APM inputs.


Please don't just blindly copy my values as your radio may produce different pulse widths. The Turnigy is not as accurate as my 12fg and the pulse values seem to vary slightly every time I cycle power. Hey, it's a $55 radio :)

Remember to use the MENU key to exit the menu you are editing. The EXIT key does not save changes, ask me how many times I kicked myself.


1. Clear any flight mode mixing you may already have.

2. Start with end points at +- 100 and subtrim 0 for ch5 and 6.

2a. Use the ch6 output from the receiver for the APM/AC2 mode selection. Ch5 from the receiver is left unconnected.

3. Go to the AUX-CH menu and set ch5 to either THRO HOLD or GEAR. Choose whichever you find most convenient to use in conjunction with the F. MODE switch, you can come back later and swap if you’re not happy with your choice. You can also assign switches/dials to any other channels now if you like, but do not assign anything to ch6.




4. Put the F. MODE switch in position 2 and THRO HOLD/GEAR switch to the rear.

Go to the PROG.MIX menu and then setup MIX1 to look like this. Adjust the DNRATE value to get a pulse of 1555.




5. Leave F. MODE in position 2 and move the THRO HOLD/GEAR switch forward.

Adjust the UPRATE value to get a pulse of 1425, then hit Menu to save and backup to the PROG.MIX screen.




6. Put the F. MODE switch in position N and THRO HOLD/GEAR switch to the rear.

Setup MIX2 to look like this. Adjust the DNRATE value to get a pulse of 1685.




7. Leave F. MODE in position N and move the THRO HOLD/GEAR switch forward.

Adjust the UPRATE value to get a pulse of 1295, then hit Menu to save and backup to the PROG.MIX screen.




8. Put the F. MODE switch in position 1 and THRO HOLD/GEAR switch to the rear.

Setup MIX3 to look like this. Adjust the DNRATE value to get a pulse of 1815.




9. Leave F. MODE in position 1 and move the THRO HOLD/GEAR switch forward.

Adjust the UPRATE value to get a pulse of 1165, then hit Menu to save and backup to the PROG.MIX screen.





10. That’s it. If you flick through all 6 combinations, it should be pretty close to what the APM/AC2 expects to see.  I ended up with  1165, 1297, 1425, 1555, 1683 and 1814.

If something has gone wrong, you probably hit the EXIT key to back out of a menu instead of the MENU key. Remember EXIT doesn't save, stupid firmware.

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  • I've done that step. but I get trouble when CH5 connected with -> ppm. The mission planner can't display all the moving stick (roll, pitch, yaw, throttle. Anyone ever encountered similar things ? please help me. thanks :)


  • Now I wonder if you could advise me on this: (I'm new to quads so please be patient,I use to do heli a lot :)) I recently purchased Quanum nova as there is plenty of good feedback regarding this aircraft. I wanted to use my Turnigy 9X which I'm use to and I like it (simple yet effective TX) I followed the Hobby King tutorial about setting Quanum in PNF mode. What a load of dribble :( Anyway, got is all set up calibrated, APM is giving me thumbs up, arm it and it flips to the left. No mixes applied apart from yours for made changing. Now, if that was a helicopter I would easily worked this out, somehow when it gets to quad thinking I seem to get mental block. I'm in mode two so throttle is on the left rudder left. Are mine connections wrong? 

  • It worked perfectly :)

  • I'm curious if there is an official explanation why you can't set ch5 as a slave in the mixing with the stock fw or hw?

    This kinda makes using CPPM & 6 modes a bit difficult, unless there is a way to inhibit ch5 alltogether.

    Sorry if this was already explained somewhere.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Does anyone know if I can use the 2 position (AIL D/R) switch next to the 3 position (F mode) switch instead of the 2 position (Gear) switch for changing flight modes. I think it would be more convenient. I saw this on youtube.

  • I find this blog more thorough:

  • I'm the newbie on the block but have been following the mail (thanks to Gordon's great article). I don't think there are enough accolades that could be passed on to Gordon that would do justice.

    Just as an aside - "GYR" is the "Gear" toggle. Don't ask why the designers decided that (poor) phonetics could be justified. It's a bit like why does a selected model come up as "MODE #" and not "MODEL #" - there's room enough for that elusive "L".

    I followed Gordon's instructions and managed to get pretty reasonable figures;-

    My values
    F. Mode
    Thro Cut N 1 2
    Off 1684 1811 1559 DN RATE
    On 1291 1167 1427 UP RATE
    Gordons   value in matrix form
    F. Mode
    Thro Cut N 1 2
    Off 1685 1815 1555 DN RATE
    On 1295 1165 1425



    I'm using tha MultiWii with a FlySky FS-R6B six-channel receiver with my Turnigy 9X V2.  The odd thing is that I've setup the GYR/GEAR switch to be two-way toggle but it is the THR CUT that works to give the second range of my three position F. MODE switch.

    The other things I can't sort out (and I hope either Gordon or someone can);-

    1. Are these settings ONLY going to be displayed as AUX1 (don't appear on either AUX 2/3/4)?

    2. When the THR CUT is switched off;-

         a). "M" is highlighted when the F. MODE is set to "N".

         b). "H" is highlihgted when the F. MODE is set to "1".

         c). "M" is (again) highlighted when the F. MODE is set to "2".

    Well, for a "newbie" I have possibly posed enough questions ;-)

    And thanks again to Gordon (and the Forum) for the great practical details that are passed around.

    Safe flying!




  • You are a lifesaver Gordon! I am a bloody newbie and would have never figured this out!
    However, I learned something interesting entirely by serendipity. I don't have an APM, I have a Pixhawk px4 with an additional PPM encoder (that transcodes the signals from eight PPM "out" on the receiver to a single PCM "in" on the Pixhawk.
    Not following your rules I still had Ch5 connected when doing the calibration according to your tutorial. However, the values showed up on Ch6 in Mission Planner. Of course, even after I was getting the correct values, it did nothing for the flight modes since only two signals were coming from Ch5.
    So I followe your description unplugged Ch5 and put the Pixhawk Ch5 "in" into the Ch6 "out" on the receiver. Now I got nothing. Only when I plugged the Ch6 "in" on the Pixhawk into the Ch5 "out" on the receiver, everything fell into place. Yowza!

  • Is is possible to use channel 9 instead of channel 5 for mixing? I do not have retracts on my Skywalker lol :) so I don't really use channel nine.

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