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Studying information engineering at the University of Oulu.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in autonomous vehicles to use in diverse civilian scenarios. Also just for fun.



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Tuomas Salomäki replied to Austin Eiter's discussion Pixhawk Failed CMD: 241
"I got this when I was trying to calibrate a board with APM:Copter 3.3.3. Finally found some threads about it although the solution wasn't explicitly mentioned (https://github.com/ArduPilot/apm_planner/issues/945). For me checking the "Enable…"
May 26, 2016
Tuomas Salomäki commented on Gordon's blog post Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x
"I'm curious if there is an official explanation why you can't set ch5 as a slave in the mixing with the stock fw or hw?
This kinda makes using CPPM & 6 modes a bit difficult, unless there is a way to inhibit ch5 alltogether.
Sorry if this was…"
Sep 10, 2015
Tuomas Salomäki commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post FRSKY's CPPM at 27mSec - Firmware update with FT_Prog and FTDI cable
"Do these still come out of the shop with the original firmware? That is, do I need to re-flash if I buy one now?"
May 10, 2014
Tuomas Salomäki replied to Oliver Volkmann's discussion Altitude Hold Proving Dangerous
"I have had similar problems where the copter suddenly embarks on a power ascend prompting a quick return to Stabilize and a manual descent. Thus far I can correlate the behavior to unusual spikes in zacc. Other sensors and parameters seem sane, but…"
Mar 24, 2014
Tuomas Salomäki replied to Andoni's discussion AUTO mission about to complete... and we had a runner . Any help appreciated. in ArduCopter User Group
"I had my copter go bonkers while just flying around. No power module (voltage and current measuring should have been disabled and all failsafes and fence disabled.
Was climbing in alt-hold when it suddenly went into RTL (some failsafe according to…"
Oct 20, 2013
Tuomas Salomäki replied to Toni Rosendahl's discussion Safety issues
"I had a runaway because of the GPS stall issue. I knew that the Mediatek GPS I had would sometimes stall (I asked about this on a different post) but I also wanted some telemetry data where the issue would show. I had therefore disabled all failsafe…"
Sep 8, 2013
Tuomas Salomäki posted a discussion
I have the MediaTek MT3329 GPS V2.0 which I bought in May. I believe at first it worked fine, but now I get weird behavior as follows: when turned on, it finds satellites as it should and gets a fix as it should, but when I start up the engines the…
Aug 3, 2013