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  • Hmm, interesting front page photo:


    Let's see, do I want a nice save enclosed vehicle that won't slice me to pieces, if I slip off my seat or an exciting new hoverbike with two giant ginsu knifes in front and behind me?  Ironically, some of us would choose the later.

  • The website for this thing:

  • Yeah, Malloy needs some fly-by-wire designed by a DIYdrones member!

  • I've seen the test flight video, it does in fact fly, or rather fly while tethered.  However, the real question is controllability, which will require some really good PID tuning and a fly by wire system.  Might be possible, but I like the e-volo better for it's stability and relative safety:

  • Well, with the scale model test he shows above, it's definitely feasible, but it will be a rough ride.  Entirely, non-practical, though.  It'll probably safer riding a real motorcycle.

  • I think this could work better if using a tricopter orientation, but using 2 smaller fans on the front or rear and a bigger one for ballance, however, it's a nice prototype.

  • The position of the flaps are too close to the centre of mass of the machine, this means that the flaps will impart more sideways motion than the corrective turning moment needed to stabilise roll.

    It's possible that the hoverbike works, but it doesn't seem particularly well designed (as I say, control surfaces need to be further away from the centre of mass to be more effective).  This is probably why the maker of the hoverbike has taken so long to get it working.

  • Ok, I just read the description in the video.  It is fake, just a scaled model.  That's why the physics look fake relative to  the apparent size of the pilot.  

  • If the "real one" was real, I think they would have a video. I think its Photoshopped. I do think it could work, but on the full sized one I don't see the control vanes.

  • This one is faker than the Flying Dutchman.  The physics in this video of the Malloy Hoverbike is totally unrealistic.

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