My minimOSD board v1.0

minimOSD is a board that can read the flight data (MAVlink data) from Ardupilot and 

combine flight information symbol and input video signal into composited video signal. You can connect the video signal PAL/NTSC to your video transmitter. Here is my minimOSD test on my multicopter.

1. display setting using OSD config:



2. Video output result from minimOSD:



The minimOSD is quite useful on FPV, but it is a bit expensive on its price.

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  • yeh! miniosd extra is much better than the original version.

  • And use minimosd extra (unleash the power for free incl RSSI)
  • This board has been around for an eternity.. What's the big deal?
  • Hi Ric,

    I did met some issue on hw ver 1.0, now I purchased a newer version from CUAV with aluminum-made case.

    The hardware version on PCB is 2.11 (quite new!!) It seems better, the firmware update seems work also.

    May I know what issue exactly is on ver 1.0 that you met?


  • Moderator
    You should consider upgrading to a newer board. (the ver 1.0 had some issues)
  • 100KM

    Remember Eduardo this is a members blog feed, not really a news feed.

  • completely useless post !

  • 100KM
    I can't agree regarding the price... At less than $20 on ebay It's less than the cheapest alternative and those can't show much more than voltage. Minimosd is the most functional osd I know of!
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