My Nexus7 TX mount


After all this is "DIY Drones" heres my Nexus/7"Tablet mount Built from 1/8" plywood and some hardware from "ACE" in total it cost around 9$ fully adjustable tilt, removable tray will work on any transmitter its very sturdy, I've ran with this transmitter without it coming loose or loosing the Nexus, lol!

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  • congarulations nice setup..i was thinking to make that..but it will be perfect if you have double mounts one for tablet and one for the fpv monitor 

  • Here is my setup.3692916019?profile=original 3d printed slot to hold the Nexus.


  • Developer

    People with radio mounted tablet's seam to like DroidPlanner.


  • Great hack Neuro! I like the way you attached to the transmitter handle. Looks really stable. And the cost is low enough for anyone to adopt. The velco approach allows it to migrate to other tablets. Looks like it would be easy to add an analog video monitor to this (like others have done).

    You're a true Maker!

  • I'm not sure what the parts are but I found them at Ace hardware near the nuts and bolts I'll stop by some time this week and get a list together!
  • MR60

    Great diy hack! Like it.

    Could you help me by listing the parts you needed ? (particularly the parts needed to fix this thing on the T9X handle)

  • Yea it was 2 different mounts , so I decided to share my idea. :)
  • A different mount approach can be found in the 2014 January items on this page. Cheers!

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    Nice job.  Did I not see this mount blog posted few days back too? There was one more similar project blogged too  at the same time.

  • Yea it's on with heavy duty Velcro the only reason it's sideways is because I made my otg cable myself, lol it could be repositioned if I had a longer cable though. I've gone up to 320 meters and still had decent signal im too chicken to fly anything other than LOS.
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