New! APM Planner 1.0



Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy reworking my original APM Mission Planner. Together with my partner/designer Samantha Nelson we have focused on improving the APM Planner’s interface, ideally resulting in a more intuitive user experience.   

Below are a couple screenshots of the new APM Planner!





APM Planner Version 1.0.0 can be downloaded here -

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  • Nice Work Samantha,  about time somebody added some BLING.  LOL
  • Planner 0.x looks cool.

    Planner 1.0 looks super stylish.

  • 3D Robotics

    Willems: the graphic output for the transmitter is under Raw Sensor View, Radio tab:



  • Moderator
    Damn, Sam- What a team!
  • This look great , today i looked at openpilot and dream about a GUI like that , and look after 2 hours my dream come true.


    The only thing i miss , is the graphic output of the transmitter .

    otherwise it's really fine

  • Chris, I was accustomed to the old version of design, however after a few minutes of using the new one I also asked myself: why do I need the old one!? The interface is very user-friendly, so it's easy to get used to it.
  • Will it be possible to integrate the maps of for example the area you are flying in so that internet connection is nescessary ?
  • 3D Robotics
    Krill: the new APM planner does everything the old one did. Why do you want the old one?
  • Wow! Great job!

    Will old APM planner be supported?

  • Lovely!

    can you change the displayed units of altitude and speed? Although in Europe the standard units for flying are usually ft and knots or miles per hour.

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