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  • Does the Pixhawk control the servos for leveling, or does it need an external gimbal controller?

  • 100KM

    Hi I'm mostly in Cape Town - let me know when you're around!

  • Hello Hein, I would love to see it working. Please let me know when you are flying again in centurion or pretoria area?

  • 100KM

    Thanks Keith, we designed something similar, but hung it from the wing, because it clears up space inside the fuse and removes the lens from dust during landings. We don't use a USB cable, just the CHDK intervalometer. I'm planning on writing a blog with all this info and more but just can't get to it. A sample map I did: It's highly zoomable. Be gentle as it's streamed from my office computer :)

    My question is - how is that airspeed sensor working for you? I stopped using mine a long time ago, but the software has improved significantly.

  • Yes, but I suggest you contact him via the SkyViewUAV web site, or send him a friend request via this web site.

  • Hi Keith! Do you have Ryan's email? Thank you.

  • Hi All,

    I bought a FlatMap1 from Ryan and finally got around to having it fitted in a SkyWalker 2013, its being controlled by a PixHawk. I plan to start writing a blog about using it over the next few months.

    3701764260?profile=original3701764214?profile=original3701764186?profile=originalHere is a video of it actually working;

    FlatMap1 fitted in a SW2013

  • This looks like a great product.  Is it possible to fit this in an earlier model Skywalker with the more narrow fuse?  I'm assuming this would also fit fine into the Skyhunter due to the large capacity.

  • I second that!

  • T3

    I'd love to see a Flatmap 3 which is like the 1 but has a mounting plate on the top so it can be suspended from a copter.

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