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  • Esqueci de escrever ... os caras atraz da mesa de bilhar estão correndo mais risco que o intrépido piloto !


  • I guess he is sitting on the tank :)  From the comments on the Youku site (Google translation) I gather the red banner contains a message from the fuel sponsor.

  • where is all the fuel stored?


  • As stated last time, too unstable to get airborne for any amount of time.  Collective pitch seems to be the only way, on that scale.  Too bad he can't find enough space.

  • i don't think he is even strapped into it, it looks like he is just squatting in the control box. which is probably good for when he pee's his pants.

    seriously though Paul mollers aircraft uses fixed pitch, but they are ducted fans at very high rpm with massive computer control. kind of like comparing a kids go-cart to an f-1 race car and this looks a lot like some of the stuff he built and flew back in the 60's and 70's, mollers been on this approch for decads and still is not there.

    although i here that they are ready to do the first untethered flight this year sometime.

  • The one who definitely does not understand is the cattlefarmer himself. Maybe someone should point him towards Isnt' it possible to read it in chinese vith a little help from Google?

    And BTW, I love his "protective" flight suit :p

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    I'm guessing that at that scale you don't need lightning fast engine speed manipulations? Though, you're right- I wish they'd show more detail of the control mechanism. And, they have lift-off!  :)  Scary as it may be  ;)

  • I don't understand either, the former prototype had some kind of 'curtains' that would attempt to change the 'air current' (insert better terminology here) coming from the props, but this one doesn't. It's a scary video to watch!

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    I don't even understand the theory behind this. How would he hope to control the engine speed fast enough to stabilize this? As far as I know, multicopters with gas engines have always used variable-pitch props, while these are fixed pitch.

  • Eduardo: Esse comentário é impróprio. (That is not a nice thing to say).



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