Quadrocopter failsafe algorithm


Mark Mueller from the Flying Machine Arena website and the IDSC presents on Robohub a new failsafe algorithm that enables a quad to remain under control even after the loss of a propeller. The video shows up a quad that intentionally loose a propeller, with and without the new failsafe algorithm:

You can read the full article with more details and photos here:

Quadrocopter failsafe algorithm: Recovery after propeller loss

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You can also read Robohub's coverage on Amazon's Prime Air and other Quadcopter related articles.

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  • Jan take a look at the comments ;)

    it may use the Vicon room at the video but it can be of use with only the on board AHRS

  • That is genius! I wonder how it would handle with a large quad...

  • Developer

    So cool, I didn't think that was possible, glad to be proven wrong !

  • Thanks ! That is great !

  • so we need 100 cameras to fly outdoor :)

  • We all do :D 

  • I neeeeed this !!!!!

  • That is pretty sweet!

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