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  • I wonder how the author of that article will feel when he finds out the DIY Drones shop is run by mexicans OH GOD SECURE THE BORDERS LOCK N LOAD.

  • Wow Mike! I thought he was just yelling fire in a movie theater.
  • I tried to stay on point but I fear I got angry. Racism, intolerance, bigotry and that is just the article tags he should be ashamed of himself.
  • can we have a dislike button chris?
  • I would start banning the sales of matches before ...... ! That might secure this guy .... 
  • Unfortunately many of this guy's readers will take him seriously. Most people (even our beloved TSA and Dept of Homeland Securtiy)  prefer to believe in "hollywood" terrorist plots and "security theater" while the real plots have recently been thwarted by tips and good intelligence work.
  • We would have to lock up a few million that are just like him. We already have our prisons full of internal terrorists gangsters, thugs and dope dealers... and far to many greedy corporations (Enron, Halliburton Et Al) and corrupt politicians left to destroy millions of American's lives.

    We can't even solve our own real problems at home but are going to save the world. What a crock.

  • @Mathew Kruwczun


    I'm thinking about when he goes nuts enough to need white coats. Maybe come quads hovering in his window with a turban on them at night. 

  • Welcome to the USA where everyone is encouraged to exercise their freedom to percieve anything as a terrorist threat to be eliminated.

  • @T.D. Gonzales


    when would he go nuts...I thought he was already there?


    dear good the artical was bad enough but the some of those comments ... dear god those people are insane!

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