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  • Thank you for replay, yes, I have ch 5,6,7 open, so I can play with diferent numbers.I just bought autopilot,so

    first time I'm going to use only one channel for roll compensation.Following that will build frame for roll and pitch with 2 servos.

  • Output channel numbers are different, but probably you have noticed this.

    (dcm.roll_sensor * 0.1) and (dcm.roll_sensor / 10) are same. Sometimes second is better, because we are using integers.

    I can adjust camera roll with RC channel 6, that's why I have that g.rc_6.radio_in. If that input channel 6 is not connected, the value will be 1500.

  • Ok, Thank you for help, now all work :-

    I add first time as you recommend in your description

     APM_RC.OutputCh(CH_6, constrain(g.rc_6.radio_in - (dcm.roll_sensor * 0.1),900,2100));  
     APM_RC.OutputCh(CH_7, constrain(g.rc_7.radio_in - (dcm.pitch_sensor * 0.1),900,2100));   
    well  run
    Second time I add
    APM_RC.OutputCh(CH_5, constrain(g.rc_6.radio_in - (dcm.roll_sensor / 10),900,2100));          APM_RC.OutputCh(CH_6, constrain(1500 - (dcm.pitch_sensor / 10),900,2100));            
    It is running the same.  Is some diferent in command? Sorry for stupid question, I have backyard education of programming
  • Here is the screenshot from codes. This is from version 2.12, but in the new version they are in the same place.

    First line is roll, and second is pitch. I can adjust camera roll with RC channel 6.


  • Alpo I tride to do the same, but may be I add to wrong row. Could you please show screen shot where you ad your small program.Thank you
  • its amazing ,, fantastic job..
  • Good job man I really like it.

  • Probably as good as it can get with hobby servos.  The next step is software correction, but you would have to keep the image free of all parts of the aircraft.




  • Very nice and smooth! I like it!
  • Developer
    WOW, look good !
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