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  • It defeats the long time argument that you still need US marketing despite Chinese manufacturing. We'll see how the diydrones store does against hobbyking. The shipping is still $30 but once Hong Kong Post converts to autonomous, that'll drop.
  • +1 what Leon said, though it won't be 10 years. Chinese engineers are already demonstrating significant innovation in other industry segments such as telecom and computing. Many engineers who were trained and started their careers in the US are returning to China to build businesses, and the long-term impact of this on Chinese innovation will be huge.
  • OK, chinese products are now just copies of good products designed somewhere else. But remember the history of the Japanese industry. They began to copy occidental products several decades ago, in a very efficient way (just like China today), and a few years later, they designed very inovative products.

    Therefore, I think that China will soon propose inovative products. We have to wait mabe 10 years.

  • You can compare:rc planes,rc cars,rc helicopters :)

    Or even better:us,europe,china
  • @ Alex

    The reason that there are real no innovative airframes coming out of China is that there is no incentive for them to do it. Why spend time and money on R&D when you can reverse engineer someone elses design, manufacture it for cheaper and still make money? I think that if name brand hobby manufacturers started closing down, then the Chinese would actually have an incentive to start coming out with more original products.
  • Very interesting... thank you, guys!
  • Here's a more accurate representation, it shows the continual rise of (now) hobbyking, by adding in their 2 other previous names.,+hobbyking,+hobbycity,...
  • Referring to the link, I think there is still a niche for local hobby shops if they can distinguish themselves with good service & support.
  • There will always be a demand for new designs, and therefore always a supply for new designs. Progress has never stopped on a product due to market shift.
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    I think that eventually there will be a downside when all of the non Chinese companies have to close down. China is really good at copying, and making things affordable (sometimes at the sacrifice of quality) but where will the new designs and innovations come from?

    I may be wrong but I cant think of a good airframe made in china that was not copied from another design. Basicaly all the cheap aircraft in china are clones of others. So perhaps in future we will never really find any good new airframes/ innovations? But then again the reduction in the costs to get started into RC is becoming so low that more and more people are getting involved that perhaps this will be good for industry.
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