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  • Please add me to the list of folks interested in purchasing one.  Any idea of pricing or when this will become reality?  I found a Gopro3 Brushless Camera Mount with Gimbal Drives on Ebay at for $138.90 US Dollars but would like to buy one from 3D Robotics.


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    I think many people don't realize just how perfect the camera CoG balance must be for a brushless gimbal to work optimally, and make those great example videos you see with no unwanted movements at all.

    Re-balancing a more generic rig for a new camera isn't something you just do, it can be a pretty steep learning curve getting all the axes to match up.

  • @LanMark - Sounds like you need to start a gymbal and controller company and make the perfect product that meets your idea of what the market needs/wants. 

  • The real beauty of a direct drive system is the mechanical simplicity. Getting the controller dialed in is the challenge. The structure can change to suit the desired camera package.

  • Daniel I would agree but I think that 3DR especially should design around flexibility of the product over any other company.  As a software developer I get greatly annoyed with vendor lock-in situations.. and in this case you are locked into GoPro.. and probably a specific model even if they drastically change their form factor and weight in the future.  

    This just doesn't seem future proof/resistant but instead VERY specific to very specific third party vendor.

  • giev

  • GoPro debate aside,

    Looks really good guys and from the video, looks like it works really well too.

    Cant wait to see it on the shelf.

  • the 2 cents I will add in here is pretty simple.  You have to start somewhere, with something. This particular problem is a tough nut to crack, I have spent many weeks now trying to come up with a reasonable brushless gimbal that not only is well balanced but is light. The light+balanced issue really does limit the generalizability of this particular product. And I think from a productization standpoint you need to pick your battles wisely. It is easy to see from a lot of member videos that the camera of choice right now is the GoPro, so it seems wise to me to start with that (thats what im doing).

    Weight distribution of compact cameras, other sports cams etc vary greatly and as far as I can tell, a generic implementation would add significant weight.  Until someone comes up with a way to make the brushless solution handle more current, and builds some high current controllers, gimbals will need to be highly camera specific.

  • putting all eggs in one basket is a VERY BAD idea. :)

  • Plus when the Hero4 comes out you might have a nice piece of hardware that you can't use because of its very limited design approach.

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