Here are a few pics of a recent project - a inexpensive DIY vacuum-formed styrene quad frame that can take any abuse thrown at it.  So far it has survived flying in a downpour, falling from great heights and getting hit with a barrage of paintballs - and it's survived it all with no problems.  Today we're testing water take-off's and landings.  Wish us luck...


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  • This is really impressive. The Drone Vs. Shotgun video blew me away. Nice work.

  • Hi marque, have you tried vacuum formed lexan also? And do you know if Kydex CL2/CL (clear kydex) is the same industructable plastic that is used for holsters and sheaths? ie Clear drones have some lighting possibilties ..as well as checking for water intrusion for wto(water takeoff drones)..


  • I am very interested in this quad. Are you going to offer custom builds, do you consult on builds?

  • Vacuum forming is a common and easy tech to DIY, great for a million projects.  There are a lot of great videos showing how, but we got our inspiration from this guy...


  • MR60
    Is this vacuum formed tech available for anyone or is it reserved for industrial corps? How much money costs the machine and materials (and i suppose moulds?) ?
  • Awesome stuff, bring one on the 9th Eli.  Would love to see it.  The water especially is impressive.

  • WTOL (Water Take Off & Landing) Tests successful!  We also performed 3 drop tests from 50 ft. in the air onto the ground with ZERO damage.  One ESC wire came loose, but that was all. Exciting video coming soon...


  • Putting the DiY back into drone.... Bravo!

  • Developer

    What propeller are you using? How well did they handle your frame tests?

  • Buoyancy pontoon idea #1.  Verdict:  Not enough lift. 


    Buoyancy pontoon idea #2 - pool noodle. Verdict: chassis floats with shell seem 1" above waterline. But will it take off and land...?


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