Vertigo V.2 - affordable drone zoom gimbal


Hi diydroners!

After a few months filled with hours of work we came up with the new version of affordable drone zoom gimbal solution for all diy users. We call it simply Vertigo V.2. 

We listened to your feedback, which helped us in the biggest way possible, that is why there are lots of improvements laying underneath the new edition.

The V.2:

-We had a lot of emails with questions about different types of camera inside the gimbal. That is why V.2 is capable of containing several camera cores such as: 27X SD, 36X SD, 30X HD, 18X HD with video recording functionality, and 10X(with recording) + Thermal camera core, and more.

-We also made a gimbal version with increased yaw motor size which brings even more stability to the video than before. Now with the new aerodynamic design the gimbal is suitable to work on bigger aircrafts with cruise speed up to 60mph.

-The new construction and new material allows us to operate in high temperatures for as log as 8 hours with stable functionality all the time. 

-The gimbal controller is now 32 bit board rather than 8 bit. 

-We managed to upgrade the sensor so there is no I2C connection to IMU anymore, and the data is stable and reliable all the time! 

-Overall, the gimbal runs smoother and the electronics are more reliable. 

-All gimbal axis have physical end stops, for ease of use.

-We introduced first version of V.2 30X HD with digital image stabilisation

-We also introduced customisation service, that allows us to deliver better solutions for your projects 

Vertigo V.2


We are making progress everyday, and we should soon be ready with new products. Here is a tiny sneakpeak:

Digital stabilisation test:


New lightweight 10x HD gimbal:


Thank you for you support:

We also want to thank you for last months together. We had the privilege to get in contact with you, and to learn about many of your incredible drone projects made all around the world.

Here are some of our memories from last months that we want to share with you, enjoy!:

- Our dear friend Tito with his awesome drones armada equipped with Vertigo 27X:



- Polish Airforce Institute Of Technology useing a custom Vertigo in their Atrax drone:


- RC Kozofsky, flying on a simple flame wheel frame and Vertigo 27X, a low budget system with great effects.


One more thing:

As we announced before, everyone that bought V27x is getting a discount on V.2, so if thats the case just email us ( before the purchase and you will receive a discount code 150$. If you bought more than one unit from us please contacts us for special, even better offer.

We are looking for partnership and distribution right now, if you are interested please contact us we will be glad to make new business opportunities! 

As always, you can find our products on

Best To You!

Greg - VertigoFPV 

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  • Hello Greg, Are you developing digital image stabilization? 

    Do you think is it possible more zoom with gyro-stabilization + digital stabilization?

    Nice gimbal, very interesting work!

  • @Greg: I'm not saying the product is too expensive for what it is. I just disagree with "affordable for DIY users" :). $450 is still in the category, yes, but north of $800 IMHO belongs more into the "professional" category.

    @Hein: Well, "low cost" is really relative ;).

  • 100KM

    Stefan this is perfect for the DIYer. Besides the relatively low cost, you can actually speak with the developer when you have a problem or try to do something unique.

  • @UAS_Pilot: Can you please send me a ping email (, so we can solve your issue? Best Regards

  • @greg: Any update on how I can get the PAL camera to work with all my NTSC Tx and Rx? (If I knew it was PAL I would not have bought it). I am really looking forward to finally using it. 

  • @Stefan Gofferje: 1. we offer V1 for $449 with discount. 2. Zoom camera cores are expensive 3. Gimbals, especialy equiped with zoom camera core are hard to setup and tune, it takes a lot of hard work. 

  • I'm always amazed again what vendors consider "affordable for DIY users"... $800 - $2000 for a more or less simple camera + gimbal does - IMHO - not belong in this category.

  • thanks appreciate it

  • @UAS_Pilot: Hi! we are on your case. We will let you know what are the recommended solutions on Monday, ok?

  • I have yet to fly with my v1 Vertigo due to it being PAL. I have tested with multiple VTx and i never get an image thru it. I should have contacted you Greg to get some help but it ended up on the shelf and forgotten. Do you have any sugestion for me to get this fixed. I would love to mount it on my RMRC Anaconda. What VTx and VRx would you recommend.

This reply was deleted.