New 3DR Products: Y6, X8, FPV kit, and APM 2.6


Announcing our new product listings for mid-summer 2013!


3D Robotics Y6 and X8 Multicopters - RTF and Kit

We released the Hexa-to-Y6 conversion kit a few weeks back, and now the complete Y6 DIY package and Ready-To-Fly  are available. A Y6 design is able to withstand a single motor out scenario, provides a more open and stable view for cameras, and doesn't weigh as much as a traditional Hex (because it uses less parts). It features folding arms to make ground transport a painless affair. This is our new go-to multicopter at 3DR: better performance than a quad at about the same size!


If six motors aren't enough for you, there is now the X8. With the same coaxial motor design as the Y6, but with four arms. This brute is amazingly compact, it's actually smaller than our quads in the front to back dimension, due to the wide angle of the arms. This is the platform to choose for flying your heavy camera and gimbal setups. The redundant nature of this vehicle is a valuable trait when carrying expensive gear or flying over difficult terrain. This vehicle can lose a motor and remain in a stable loiter with almost no disruption .  The 3DR X8 is available ready-to-fly only at this time.


APM 2.6 and 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass


APM 2.6 is the same APM 2.5 you know and love, but with one valuable change: this revision of the board has no onboard compass, which is designed for vehicles (especially multicopters and rovers) where the compass should be placed as far from power and motor sources as possible to avoid magnetic interference. (On fixed wing aircraft it's often easier to mount APM far enough away from the motors and ESCs to avoid magnetic interference, so this is not as critical, but APM 2.6 gives more flexibility in that positioning and is a good choice for them, too). This is designed to be used with the new 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass, so that the GPS/Compass unit can be mounted further from noise sources than APM itself.

Note: APM 2.6 requires an external compass for full autonomy. If you are using APM 2.6 with a GPS module that does not have a compass sensor, you must use a stand-alone external compass. We recommend this one with this cable.


New GPS shown as it comes, in a nice enclosure

The board, inside the enclosure

You can also use the new uBlox GPS with on board magnetometer (compass) with your existing APM 2.5, To modify your board, follow the directions here.


FPV Package

If you have been wanting to add first-person-view (FPV) capability to your vehicle, our new FPV package gives you everything you need in one kit (including batteries). All connectors have been built in the factory and designed to give you an easy plug-and-play experience -- no soldering required! On-screen-display is provided by our MinimOSD board for real time data telemetry. This is an important safety and convenience feature for anyone flying FPV.



All of these items are available for order immediately.

The FPV kit is ready for shipping today.

The Y6 DIY package and APM 2.6 will ship on July 15th.

Note: RTF Y6 and X8 units will follow the normal 1-2 week turnaround. You'll find those and more on our new RTF store here:



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  • Brian,

    Here is the listing for that cable:

  • Is Autistic Ninja funny or serious?

    Assuming for a second he is serious ....   When you evaluate a patent you only read the independent claims first. If they do not describe what you do, then there are no worries of infringement. Because the independent claims have to stand on their own and contain the tidbits that make the invention novel.

    Below is independent claim #1 of patent US5791592. For a independent claim this seems very specific language. If you don't have "air foils being operatively connected to lever means in said cockpit" or "two vertical shafts", then there is no infringement on this patent.

    "A helicopter having a body with a cockpit and with top, bottom, fore and aft body portions; a motor; a vertical shaft rotated by the motor and drivingly connected to two vertically spaced substantially horizontal, coaxial parallel rotor blades rotating in opposite directions with respect to each other, and at the same rotational speed; a tail boom structure extending, horizontally rearward from a proximal end at said aft body portion to a distal end where two pairs of spaced, pivotable air foils are positioned to provide the sole directional control of said helicopter, a first of said pairs being positioned to pivot respectively about two spaced, parallel horizontal shafts extending rearwardly from said distal end and a second of said pairs being positioned to pivot respectively on two vertical shafts positioned rearwardly adjacent to said first pair; said two horizontal shafts having respective axes respectively intersecting respective axes of said two vertical shafts, each said pairs of air foils being operatively connected to lever means in said cockpit, respective said air foil of each said pairs being interconnected such that said air foils of each said pairs move identically with movement of said lever means."

  • Is it possible to order a Telemetry/OSD Y-cable adapter cable separate from the FPV system?

  • Kevin, It's time to bust out the AndroPlumber

    Chester, we will send you a case delivered for free with your next order. They will be ready for delivery by the beginning of next week, just waiting on the printing. Send me a note if you have any problems. I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your unit!

  • Developer

    Nice Job!

  • Hello. Some time ago I was ordered couple of GPS+Compass. At that sort period of time these units was sold with out case. Now I'm interesting in purchasing only cases. Is it possible?

    But the way I'm completely satisfied  with that unit. Have no any problems with compass. And GPS show me up to 15 satellites.

  • Developer

    Hi Josh, re: Hawaii - I presume it is awesome, currently dealing with fixing plumbing etc... but I should be able to do 'hawaii things' including beach and visiting the local hackerspace (which is super interested in 3dr btw...)

  • Used this useful unit for the demo:

  • X8 motor out demo video added to the original post!

  • It is important to thank Leonardo DaVinci, Dr. George Bothezat, and Stephen Edmond Oehmichen -- The fathers of rotary flight, the later two being pioneers of the multirotor in particular. In the early 1920's, Bothezat and Oehmichen both made many flights in their multirotor creations 

    3692767107?profile=originalBothezat's "Flying Octopus"


    3692767222?profile=original On May 4 1924, "Oemichen 2" was the first rotary wing craft to fly a kilometer distance.

    Leonardo Da Vinci started it all with his sketches of rotary wing craft,

    although some people have theorized that he was inspired by even earlier Chinese designs. 


    Wouldn't that be excellent irony...

This reply was deleted.