• I finally did an AutoTune last week. It's taken me a while to get the numbers posted but AutoTune did a great job on my quad. I had to lower the Stab P numbers back down some as I like it a bit more tame in stabilize but here are the numbers before and after. The Stab P numbers have been lowered from 11.5 to 6.5 for the time being.

    Param             Before               After

    Stab P              4.5                  11.5

    Rate Roll

    P                     .0850              .0450

    I                       .0850              .0450

    D                     .0025              .0040

    Rate Pitch

    P                     .0850              .0400

    I                       .0850              .0400

    D                     .0025              .0040

    My throttle mid value is 390. This thing, even being just a quick throw down experiment, flies as good or better than the higher dollar NAZA stuff at my field. It will hold a Loiter rock solid within a foot or two radius on a windy day, hold altitude within a couple of feet in alt hold and auto lands so soft the plank guys would call it a "greaser" landing. None of the NAZA powered ships auto land anywhere near as good as they all tend to bounce a little. Everyone at our field is really impressed with this little experiment.

    I have no idea what the motors are other than they are 1000kV, the speed controllers are RCTimer 20A SimonK and the frame is now a Turnigy HAL. The original frame needed better motor mounts and longer landing gear so I just switched everything to the HAL which was cheap courtesy of a friend. The Controller is a APM 2.5 with the external uBlox GPS and Compass combo mounted 14 cm up from the frame centerline. I've never had problems with toilet boiling so I guess I've been lucky and missed out on that excitement.

    Thanks to all of the Developers for the hard work that makes my weekends fun.

  • If I use autotune can I then save the pids, download to stable release and re-enter the new pids?

  • I just had a crash in auto-tune. It seems that it was ready auto-tuning the roll axis and was going for pitch axis. It looks like a motor failure but not sure because it just started to tune the pitch axis so it could be a software problem also. If some can take a look to the logs it would be great.


    2013-12-15 10-52-14.tlog

    2013-12-15 11-46 2.log

  • I see the latest mission planner 1.2.89. the FW is 3.1. is the 3.1 now official? with autotune and no more beta?

  • I loaded the 3.1rc8 to my apm2.5 (no external mag) to try out the autotune function.
    My test setup is a F450 frame with 900KV motors, gemfan e-props 10x5, 20A esc SimonK flashed running on a 3S battery.

    After running through the necessary checks and calibration processes I put it in alt hold and let its do his autotune stuff.

    Afters a few minutes autotune function was completed and the quad flies flawless.
    I saw that there will be some more wind tomorrow so I'll try out the loiter and RTL as well.

    Nice job to the developers!


  • I'm managing to complete my autotune successfully (without gimbal, battery mounted centrally), and the copter looks to fly well with the new PIDs however as soon as I bolt the gimbal back on (1kg of gimbal + camera) I get a reasonably violent high frequency oscillation which I can't get rid of until I drop the rate D from 0.015 to around 0.010. Even after that, it looks like the whole copter still isn't flying completely smoothly, as my gimbal is still shaking around a lot on it's dampers, which I think is because the copter is shaking rather than the gimbal PIDs being bad.

    I just rebuilt it today to have the battery on top of the centre of the main frame plate, as previously the battery was mounted a reasonable way rear of the CG and I thought this was this cause of my bad performance, but turns out it's not.

    It's a UAP2 quad, and I have the motors on the vibration isolation mounts ( Not sure if this is the cause. Might have to try swapping the mounts and see if I can get improved performance.

    Autotune log is here:

  • How do you tell from the logs whether or not autotune has been envoked and if its actually working?

  • Developer

    By the way, in case people didn't see it I've added a demo video to the autotune wiki page.

  • Hello everyone,
    I wanted to submit my log after a crash, I have successfully carried out the autotune, then I tried to fly with the new parameters apparently everything is ok, then I tried a quick turn right then left and went into the quad fast swing that does not I was able to check and did a flip, fortunately without damage.
    tomorrow I'll try 3.1.RC8.

    Crash Check it worked great the engines stopped immediately.
    Great job guys, great team.

    Greetings to all

    2013-12-07 13-02 1.log

  • I loose height in stabilize so I can't autotunne.. any clue? log files are here:

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