does it possible to have a mission planer on android phone and use 3drradio???

now that almost everything is good on apm 2.5 i think it will be perfect to have an option to use android phone screen to have mission planner for example

do you know if there will be this kind of option?

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search around in forum. you will find that there's one open source project, Copter-GCS , and one ~year old thread about a promising project, that turned out to be vaporware, partially delayed/destroyed by the authors obsession of providing an apple version, while apple sabotaged the interface as good as only they can. Anyway - Look at Copter-GCS, and don't hope for the other project to be completed anytime soon.

thanks andke

it s so sad to loose this great apk for android..own multiwii project has his own android s easier to tune his configuration.......i think it will be the first feature that everybody would have!

Well, almost anything is possible with android. The problem is just porting the GCS to the Android SDK and Telemetry USB drivers will most likely have to be redone. So unless you do something with WIFI for the telemetry like AirDrone does. Does 3DR have the sources available for the telemetry?

hmm, there are plenty of controllers around for RC for the android, surely it is not that hard to either wifi or Bluetooth connection to get telemetry data and the main PID setting screen (arducopter in my case) available to change and adjust settings on the fly (let’s call it a mini MP tool). I understand this is no good for ardupilot while in flight but would be fantastic for arducopter’s on initial tunning so I don't have to take the laptop with me. And yes I know about channel 6 but tunning through the MP has been fantastic other than having to cart my $4k laptop around.......maybe I should just go buy a super cheap super small laptop or ebook.

Anyone know if you can load MP onto a ebook?


The latest Copter-GCS refused to work on a Huawei Mediapad 7 with Android 4.0.3 but is running OK on a 2.3.7 phone so you might give it a try. There is a follow up at which doesn't work on my Mediapad 4.0.3.

After some work I made the original Copter-GCS to work on Mediapad and I started tweaking it for my needs. If there is enough interest I think I can take over Copter-GCS base source and try to maintain it - but I'll need active support of Android device owners as I cannot afford to have them all :)

There are many current android phones that support USB host mode. How difficult would it be to replace the Bluetooth serial connection with a USB serial connection such as the one described here?

I haven't looked at the source code myself, yet, but it seems that it could be done quite easily since it is just replacing one interface with another. I correct in assuming that this will allow me to correct the 3DR radio directly to my cellphone without the need for any additional hardware in between? If so, this will allow me both to use the Copter-GCS app as well as with using my cellphone with its inbuilt GPS for "follow-me".

What do you think?

I would be interested.

A working planner GCS for android would mean that you could put together a complete system without a clunky laptop or computer to do mission planning and/or monitoring.

I would also be very interested. One big wish would be a TCP connection as well. I am dock-testing a
Telemetry (and video) over 3G/umts connection with an APM/Android setup ( ).

There are some timing issues, risky for FPV, but nice just to get telemetry data.

So to use Android as ground-station (TCP/UDP) also would be very cool. Could also to some tests on moto XOOM/3g.

Best c.

Android (iOS as well) devices have GPS. That means they could be easily used as GPS Beacon for a Follow - Mode ... following and filming yourself when skiing or biking the hill, yeah.

There is a working android gcs available here:

This is based on the copter-gcs linked by others. Last updated in November 2012.

You will need a Bluetooth module like this:

Connected either to your telemetry radio or directly to your telemetry port on the apm. 

I've not used this yet myself but plan to. I've installed the gcs and it appears to work on my Asus tf101 with android 4. 

Bluetooth wouldn't give a big enough range, no?

Bluetooth is just for connecting the cellphone to the ground telemetry module, not the copter itself.

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