does it possible to have a mission planer on android phone and use 3drradio???

now that almost everything is good on apm 2.5 i think it will be perfect to have an option to use android phone screen to have mission planner for example

do you know if there will be this kind of option?

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i am happy to see that more people are interessing

Ubuntu + mono runs MP fine, so .. that should be very possible,

MP does not take much CPU power, nor does MONO, at certain tasks, applications run in MONO runs faster than .NET, so yes.

Actually, it's a pity MP is limited by its use of .NOT, wish we had an enviroment that was multi-platform, like OpenPilot has.

I would love to run the MP on my tablet. As it is now I have to bring something to sit my laptop on, and a makeshift visor. Plus it takes awhile for your eyes to adjust.


Have a look at While it doesn't run the MP natively, it shows and allows you to interact with a PC desktop via your Android phone.

This is an actual screenshot of the Mission Planner on my Galaxy SII, resolution looks bad because ning resizes the image to 721px from 800px:

Oh and it works on iOS too! (ipad & iphone)

Splash top is nice but need laptop out in the field with good line of sight. If doing distance flights.

You can also try some clonesc of copter-gcs project.

xcl0100-copter-gcs look like work ok via bluetooth.

Currently I'm going to buy some tab (maybe Nexus 7) with USB host support and try to use OTG cable for 3DR radio clone.

I hope it will work. If not anyway I can use BT bridge.

I just picked up a Nexus 10 (Finally back in stock) but I have to wonder how the MP will look on its 2560x1600 resolution.  I still think a native app is the way to go though...Nothing good ever comes from adding links to wireless chain.

but Nexus 10 doesn't support USB OTG, so you have to use it with laptop 

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