ESC Getting Really HOT

I had my Hexcopter on the dinning room table working on a camera gimbal and I had the battery plugged in.  I went to grab one of the arms to move the copter and I touched one of the ESC and it was really hot.  I touch the other 5 and they were not hot.  What could be happening with this ESC?


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  •  my brushed esc getting hot when connected with ardupilot board, but is working well with a chinese servo tester, motor spins both sides and stops also with the servo tester and no heating also

    what can be the problem?

  • Happened to me as well. Working on a gimbal, too, even.

    Then I searched the datasheets of the servos I was using, and they were rated for 3A stall current each.

    With the linear BEC ESCs I was using, even dividing each servo to its dedicated ESC BEC still had them heat up really fast.

    Had to go for 40A ESCs with switching BECs, and spread the electronics and servos between them to get rid of the issue.

  • shorted out or miswired?

  • I had the same issue.

    Originally I had all the ESC's paralleled with all the BECs connected. After doing some research on here I found this is not recommended, even with linear BECs. I cut one power wire from all but one of the ESCs, but the problem persisted. In the end, I purchased a 10 amp dedicated BEC and that is working great.

    I had one crash because of that ESC's internal BEC overheating and cutting out. I still don't know what its problem was, as I measured only pulling about 300-400 ma, and it was rated to 3amps - but none the less, the dedicated BEC solved it.

  • T3

    I flew this afternoon and it was bit windy and flight was bit rocky and I got concerned about the ESC. I've flown before in windy conditions and never seen my Hex fly this poorly. If it fails down comes my Hex. I landed after just a few minutes of flight and the other 5 ESC were warm, but the one ESC was hot. How hot can it get?

  • Developer

    Yeah it's most likely the BEC circuit running. Try an external BEC if you want added security.


  • Hi,

    Would that hot ESC be one on which the BEC is being used?

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